Former Officers are listed by role:

Former Chancellors

*Sir Mark Ledingham Mitchell, MSc Camb, HonDSc Flin, FRACI, Emeritus Professor of The University of Adelaide; Chancellor 1966-1971

*The Honourable Sir Charles Hart Bright, KBE, BA Adel, LLB Adel, HonDLitt Flin Pro-Chancellor 1966-1971; Chancellor 1971-1983

*The Honourable Mr Justice Francis Robert Fisher, AO, QC, LLB Adel, HonDLitt Flin, Pro-Chancellor 1975-1983; Chancellor 1983-1988

Sister Deirdre Frances Jordan, AC, MBE, BA Adel, MEd Adel, MA Lond, PhD Lond, HonDLitt Flin, FACE; Pro-Chancellor 1981-1988; Chancellor 1988-2002 (Emeritus 2002)

The Honourable Sir Eric J Neal, AC, CVO, HonDEng Syd, HonDUniv SAust, DUniv Flin, CEng(UK), CPEng, FIE Aust, FIGEM(UK), FAICD, FAIM; Chancellor 2002-2010 (Emeritus 2010)

* Deceased

Former Pro-Chancellor

*Bernard Augustin Cosgrove, BA Adel, DipEd Adel, HonDLitt Flin; Pro-Chancellor 1971-1974

Arthur Royston Griffiths, AM, JP; Pro-Chancellor 1979-1981

*Avon Maxwell Clark, AM, BSc Melb, MSc Melb, PhD Camb, HonDSc Flin; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1966-1978; and 1981-1984; Pro-Chancellor 1984-1991 (Emeritus 1984)

Ronald David Barnes, BEc Adel, AUA Adel, FASA; co-opted to Council 1983; Pro-Chancellor 1992-1998

The Honourable The Chief Justice John Jeremy Doyle, AC, LLB Adel, BCL Oxf; Hon LLD Flin, Pro-Chancellor 1988-2000

* Deceased


Former Deputy Chancellors

Ian Arthur Chesterman, AM F Fin, D Univ Flin, appointed to Council 1992; Pro-Chancellor 1998-2005; Deputy Chancellor 2005 - 2006

*Judith Roberts, AO, D Univ Flin, appointed to Council 1992, Deputy Chancellor 2001 - 2008

Ian Yates, AM, BA Flin, appointed to Council December 1994, Deputy Chancellor 2007 - 2014 (Emeritus 2014)

* Deceased


Former Vice-Chancellors

*Peter Henry Karmel, AC, CBE, BA Melb, PhD Camb, PhD Adel, LLD PNG, HonLLD Melb, DLitt Flin, HonDLitt Murd, DUniv N'cle(NSW), FASSA, FACE, Emeritus Professor of The University of Adelaide; appointed Principal-Designate 1961; Principal 1965; Vice-Chancellor 1966-1971 (Emeritus 1996)

*Roger Wolcott Russell, MA Clark, PhD Virginia, DSc Lond, DSc Flin, HonDSc N'cle(NSW), FASSA, FACE; Vice-Chancellor 1972-1979 (Emeritus 1980)

Keith Jackson Hancock, AO, BA Melb, PhD Lond, DLitt Flin, FASSA; appointed Professor of Economics 1964; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (half-time) 1975-1979; Vice-Chancellor 1980-1987 (Emeritus 1987)

John Francis Lovering, AO, Chevalier des Palmes Académiques, MSc Syd, MSc Melb, PhD CalTech, DSc Flin, HonBSc Melb, FAA, FTS; Vice-Chancellor 1987-1995 (Emeritus 1995)

Ian William Chubb, AO, MSc Oxf, DPhil Oxf, DSc Flin; Vice-Chancellor 1995-2000

Anne Rosalie Edwards, AO, BA Lond, PhD Lond, DLitt Flin, FASSA, FACE; Vice-Chancellor 2001-2007, Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1995-2000 (Emeritus 2007)

Michael Barber, BSc NSW, PhD Cornell, FAA, FAICD, FTSE; Vice-Chancellor 2008-2014 (Emeritus 2014)

* Deceased

Former Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Maxwell Howard Brennan, AO, BSc Syd, PhD Syd, HonDSc Flin; appointed Foundation Professor of Physics 1964-1981; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (half-time) 1978-1980 (Emeritus 1996)

*Paul Francis Bourke, BA Melb, DipEd Melb, PhD Wis, HonDLitt Flin, FASSA; appointed Foundation Professor of American Studies 1969-1985; Acting Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1980-1982

*Murray McCaskill, MA NZ, PhD NZ, appointed Foundation Professor of Geography 1965-1991; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1984-1989 (Emeritus 1992)

Laurence Basil Geffen, MSc Witw, MB, BCh Witw, MA Oxf, DPhil Oxf, FRACP, FRANZCP, Foundation Professor of Human Physiology 1973-1991; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (half-time) 1989-1990; (Emeritus 1991)

Wray Vamplew, BSc(SocSc) S'ton, PhD Edin; appointed Lecturer in Economic History 1975; promoted to Senior Lecturer 1977; Reader 1981; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (half-time) 1990-1993

Kerry Owen Cox, BSc WAust, PhD WAust, FASM; appointed as Lecturer (Microbiology/Immunology) 1974, promoted to Senior Lecturer 1976, Reader 1984; Associate Dean 1990 and Dean (1991) of the School of Biological Sciences; Head of Faculty of Science and Engineering 1992-1993; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 1993-1997 (Emeritus 1997)

John Michael Skinner, MB, ChB Birm, FRCPath, FRCPA, Dean of Research 1990-1993; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) 1993-1998

Hilary Patience Mary Winchester, BA Oxf, DPhil Oxf; Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 2001-2003

Richard Constantine, PDM Melb, MBA Monash, MAICD, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information Services) 2011 - 2015

* Deceased


Former Deputy Vice-Chancellors

Brian Abrahamson, BSc CapeT, MSc CapeT, SM Chic, PhD Chic; DUniv Flin, appointed Foundation Professor of Mathematics 1965; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1984-1988; Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1989-1993 (Emeritus 1993)

*Russell Dean Linke, BSc Flin, DipEd Monash, PhD Monash 1993-1995

Joan Anne Cooper, B Math N'Cle (NSW), PhD N'Cle (NSW) FTICE Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) 2003-2004; Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 2004-2006

*Christopher David Marlin, BSc Adel, PhD Adel, FACS, FAICD, ComplEAust, SMIEEE Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) 1998-2004; Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) 2004-2009 

Dean K Forbes, BA Flin, MA PNG, PhD Monash, FASSA, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) 2000-2004; Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) 2004-2012

David Day, FAA, Dip T, BSc, PhD Adel, MAICD, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) 2010 - 2015

* Deceased


Former Senior Staff 

University Librarian

Noel Stockdale, BA Melb, DLitt Flin 1963-1987 (Emeritus Librarian 1988)

Bill Cations, BA Monash 1964, Registration Certificate, Library Assoc of Aust. 1967, MSc (Info Science), The City University, London 1977 (Emeritus Librarian 2008) 

Ian McBain, BA Flin, Dip Lib Curtin, A.L.A.A.

Director of Administration and Registrar

*Howard James Buchan, BSc Syd, DLitt Flin; Secretary 1963-1966; Registrar 1966-1988; Director of Administration and Registrar 1988 (Emeritus Registrar 1989)

Vin Massaro, BA Monash, PhD Monash, FAIM; Director of Administration and Registrar 1989-1994; Principal Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor 1995-1997 

*Peter Edward Bailie, BCom Melb; Director of Administration and Registrar 1995-2000

Barbara Fergusson, BA Adel, DipEd Adel, GradDipTESL SACAE, MBA Adel; Executive Director of Administration 2000-2010

Ms Bronwyn Simondson, BA WAust, DipLib WAIT; Registrar 2000-2010

Vice-President (Strategy and Planning)

Ms Bronwyn Simondson, BA WAust, DipLib WAIT, 2010-2011

Vice-President (Strategy and Community Engagement)

Ms Gill Troup, BA Edin, MA Aberd, MSc Edin, MBA GCU, FCMI

Senior Vice-President

 Mr Shane McGregor, BAcc UniSA, MBA SCU, CPA

* Deceased