Distinguished Alumni Awards were introduced to coincide with the University’s 40th Anniversary in 2006 and recognise Flinders University graduates who have distinguished themselves in one or more of the following ways:

  • contributions which have benefited Flinders University and/or the alumni
  • contributions which have benefited the community, locally, nationally, or internationally
  • humanitarian services and contributions to society
  • professional achievements
  • services to the University (provided that such service is not the sole criterion or a mandatory criterion)
  • a significant role in a single incident or activity in one of the areas identified above.

Below are past recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Awards.

2015 recipient

  • Mary Buckskin (DipNg ’89) (1958-2015)
    for significant contributions to improved health outcomes for Aboriginal people both through her leadership of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia and the Council of Australian Governments national reforms in Aboriginal health.

2014 recipients

  • Mr Matt Johnson (BEc 2000 )
    for significant contributions to South Australia both in Adelaide and internationally, and to Flinders University through his work on the Matthew Flinders Memorial Statue Steering Committee.
  • Wang Kunhua (MHA 2007)
    for significant contributions to surgery and surgical research in the People’s Republic of China, and particularly in Yunnan Province.
  • Lei Yingjun (MAIRET 2014)
    for significant contributions over 20 years to legal affairs in Tianjin through his service in the Legislative Affairs Office of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government.

2013 recipients

  • Professor Debra Anderson (MNg 1993)
    for significant contribution and exceptional leadership to the profession and discipline of nursing, and to the community.
  • Miao Qilong (MHA 2011)
    for significant contributions to the enhancement of hospital performance and disease prevention and control in Ningbo.
  • Yu Zongyong (MAIRET 2013)
    for significant contributions to education in Tianjin as a teacher, administrator and principal.

2012 recipients

  • Zhang Yimou (MHA 2008)
    for significant contributions to the advancement of management education for health professionals in China.
  • Gong Renhai (MAIRET 2002)
    for significant contributions to China’s international economic and trade relations.

2011 recipients

  • Mr Ni Rong (MHA 2008) for significant contribution to improving the health of the residents of the Gongshu District in Hangzhou City.

  • Ms Xu Jingrong (MAIRET 2002) for significant contribution to the provision of financial and banking services in Tianjin, China.

2010 recipients

No awards.

2009 recipients

  • Dr Michael Raupach (PhD EarthSc 1978) for significant contributions to the understanding of the atmospheric environment.

  • Dr Shao Yaping (PhD EarthSc 1991) for significant contributions to atmospheric science, and modelling of wind erosion, the environment, soil moisture and dry land salinity processes.

  • Dr Mark Shephard OAM (MSc Med Cwk 1982) for significant contributions to the improvement of Aboriginal health in Australia and for services to the University.  

2008 recipients

  • Dr Julie Owen (MPHC 1996) for significant contribution to Aboriginal Health promotion and education in the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

  • Dr Daniel Phillips (BSc 1990 BSc Hons 1991 PhD 1995) for significant contribution internationally to the application of Effective Field Theory to Few Body Problems in Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics.

  • Professor Dennis Taylor (BSc 1988 BSc Hons 1989 PhD 1993) for significant contribution to the advancement of South Australia through your teaching and research, as well as to the advancement of knowledge in wine chemistry.

  • Dr Bruce Graham (BA Hons 1981) for significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in computational neuroscience.

  • Ms Gosia Hill (BA 1983 BSocAdmin 1987) for significant contributions to Flinders University as a Council Member and Alumni Executive Committee Member, and to South Australia, and Australia as Senior Trade Commissioner Central South east Europe.

  • Dr Tony Lian-Lloyd (BMBS 1988) for significant contributions to South Australia as a rural doctor and medical education, and to community health education.

  • Professor Catherine Turner (MNg(Cwk) 1992) for significant contributions to Nursing education and population health.

  • Professor Andrew Cheetham (BSc 1971 BSc Hons 1972 PhD 1977) for significant contributions in plasma and fusion physics, computer controlled instrumentation, the use of IT in science and engineering education and to leadership in research and ICT.

  • Professor Mohammad Kaykobad (PhD 1988) for significant contributions to Computational Mathematics, and to Computer Science and Engineering Education in Bangladesh.

2007 recipients

  • Dr Donald Hopgood AO (PhD 1975 BTh 1997) for significant contributions to the people of South Australia through his service in the Parliament and the church.

  • Professor Simon Davis (BSc 1982 BSc Hons 1983 PhD 1987) for significant contributions internationally in medical research and particularly in the field of T-cell biology.

  • Mr John Schumann (BA DipEd 1976) for significant contributions to the people of Australia in music, politics and social justice.

  • Associate Professor Cheryl Stock (BA Hons 1970) for significant achievement in Australia and internationally in dance, and dance education.

  • Mr John Hood (BEc 1984 GradDipAcc 1985) for significant contributions to the University, and to business in South Australia.

  • Professor Alan Johnson AM (PhD 1984 MEdMgt 1992) for significant contributions in education and research in Australia, and the field of parasitology internationally.

  • Mr Graham Inns (MCom 1994) for significant contribution to South Australia through his service in the public sector, to the University, management, and to charities.

  • Ms Felicity-ann Lewis (DipT 1977 BEd(PhysEd) 1981 GradDipS&C 1986 MEd 2002) for significant contributions to local government in South Australia, and to the University.

  • Sr Bernice Bugler OAM (BSpecEd 1983) for significant contributions to the community and education in New South Wales.

  • Dr John How (BSc 1971 BSc Hons 1972 PhD 1977) for significant international contributions in the field of plasma fusion energy research.

2006 recipients

  • Martin Armiger (BA Hons 1974). Head of Screen Composition at the Australian Film and Television School.

  • Professor Stephen Buckman (BSc Hons, 1976 PhD 1979). Associate Director, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, ANU.

  • Sharon (Shon) Campbell (MPHC 1995). Regional Programme Manager for Save the Children (UK) South and Central Asia.

  • Dr Kevin Chan U-Jyn (BMBS 1996). Specialist in hyperbaric medicine for offshore maritime operations in Singapore.

  • Professor Joseph Cheng Yu-Shek (PhD 1979). Professor of Political Science at the City University of Hong Kong.

  • Dr Peter Clifton (PhD 1988). Director of the CSIRO Nutrition Clinic and co-author, CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

  • Leonie Clyne (BA Psych 1977). Managing Director of Angus Clyne Australia Pty Ltd.

  • Jane Covernton (BA 1972). Director of Working Title Press and co-founder of Omnibus Books.

  • Neil Craig (DipT 1978 BEd 1979 MA 1983). Senior Coach of the Adelaide Football Club.

  • Dr Matthew Davey (BMBS 2000). Intensive Care Registrar, Canberra Hospital and Navy Reserve Lieutenant (killed in helicopter crash in Indonesia in 2005).

  • Professor Drew Dawson (BA Hons 1986, PhD 1992). Professor of Psychology, UniSA and Director, QEH's Centre for Sleep Research.

  • Annie Fox (BA Hons 1987). Nationally recognised television screenwriter.

  • Douglas Gautier (BA Hons 1974). Leading international arts administrator and CEO of the Adelaide Festival Centre.

  • Associate Professor Pauline Glover (DipTNgEd 1980 MNgSt 1994 EdD 2001). Associate Dean (Academic), School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders.

  • Dr Christopher Gore (BEd Hons PhysEd, 1985 PhD 1989). Head, Department of Physiology at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

  • Posie Graeme-Evans (BA 1973). Awarding winner television producer and writer.

  • Kerry Heysen (BA Hons 1975). Producer and creative consultant in film and television.

  • Professor Graeme Hugo (MA 1973). Director of Key Centre in Research and Teaching in the Social Science Applications of Geographic Information Systems, University of Adelaide.

  • His Excellency Peter Hussin (BA 1971). Australian Ambassador to Argentina, formerly Ambassador to the Netherlands.

  • Hon Stephanie Key (BA 1981). Former Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education, Youth and the Status of Women in the South Australian Government.

  • Stephen Knapman (BA Hons 1975). Award winning film and television producer.

  • Greg Mackie OAM (BA 1987). Executive Director, Arts SA, founder of Imprints Booksellers and Festival of Ideas.

  • Professor John Miners (DSc 1997). Head, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Flinders University & Flinders Medical Centre.

  • Dr John Murray (BMBS 1986). Novelist and medico working in epidemiology and Third World child care programs.

  • Dr Manny Noakes (GDipND 1977, PhD 2000). Senior Research Dietition at CSIRO and co-author of CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

  • Professor Janet Oliver (BSc Hons 1967). Professor in the Department of Pathology, University of New Mexico and cancer researcher.

  • Andrew Paterson (BSocAdmin 1975, GDipSocSc 1980). Principal Consultant with Empower Justice Services and former Chaplain at Flinders.

  • Professor Kurunathan Ratnavelu (PhD 1990). Theoretical atomic physicist and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science, Uni of Malaya.

  • Dr Deborah Rathjen (BSc Hons 1979). CEO & MD of leading biotechnology companies Bionomics Ltd and Illiad Chemicals.

  • Sr Judith Redden AO (MEdAdmin 1981). Principal of St Aloysius College.

  • Professor Judy Searle (BMBS 1983, GradCertTE 1992). Foundation Dean of Medicine, Griffith University.

  • Dr Roger Sexton, CUniv (BEc Hons 1971). Chairman, Beston Pacific Asset Management Pty Ltd.

  • Hon Dr Bob Such (BA Hons 1972, PhD 1987). Member of South Australian Parliament and former Speaker, House of Assembly.

  • Professor Acram Taji (PhD 1979). Professor of Horticultural Science at the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales.

  • Dr John Tsanaktsidis (BSc Hons 1984, PhD 1990). MD, Boron Molecular Pty Ltd, now with CSIRO (Molecular & Health Technologies.

  • Professor Kohei Uosaki (PhD 1978). Professor of Physical Chemistry at Hokkaido University in Japan.

  • Professor Steven Wesselingh (BMBS 1982, PhD 1992). Director, Macfarlane Burnet Institute and leading infectious diseases researcher.

  • Professor Mark Wooden (BEc Hons 1985). Deputy Director, University of Melbourne's Institute of Applied Economic & Social Research.

  • Sue Williams* (BA Hons 2007). *Deceased in 2006. Co-founder of Omnibus Books, acclaimed publisher of children's books.

  • Dr Irsan Yani (PhD 1995). Former senior public servant and now Director of Accounting education programs in the Graduate School of Economics, Instit Bisnis dan Informatika, Indonesia.