International humanitarian aid worker

DipNgSt 1987 BNg 1988 MPHC 2001

Anne Morris From 1994 until 2005, Anne Morris led CARE International's humanitarian work in some of the world's most difficult and dangerous crises in the Sudan, Iraq, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, the West Bank, and Gaza.

Her work required putting the innocent victims of war, poverty, famine and injustice first, and showing constant compassion for their suffering.

In the Sudan, Anne led CARE International's operational response to the famine in Bahr el Ghazal in 1998, and oversaw the setting-up of famine relief centres providing emergency nutrition and other lifesaving services to the villagers. Some 10,000 people died in this war caused by famine, and CARE's rapid and effective response undoubtedly saved many more lives. Anne continued as an assistant country director for CARE in Sudan, working for Campaign for Peace, which resulted in a peace agreement for southern Sudan being signed in 2003.

In 2003, Anne was responsible for CARE's emergency team pre-positioned to respond to the expected humanitarian consequences of the Iraq war. After the situation had sufficiently stablised, Anne led the emergency team into Iraq to support CARE's existing operations and develop responses to those affected by the war.

In Rwanda, Anne looked after projects in non-formal youth education, psycho social rehabilitation for orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, and in economic development. Anne took a personal interest in helping child-headed households. After the genocide, many children left without parents or relatives ran their own households, usually led by the oldest child. International aid was insufficient to help many of these children, so they were taught methods of household management and banking.

Anne was responsible for the entire NGO responses to the massive volcanic eruption near the border town of Goma in Eastern Congo. This required managing rapid provision of shelter, healthcare, water supply and other services for thousands of displaced people, and established coordination systems for all NGOs which were responding to this crisis.

Anne Morris received the 2006 Convocation Medal.