Rhodes Scholarships 

The Rhodes Trust was established and endowed by the Will of Cecil John Rhodes, who died in 1902. Visit the Rhodes House website for the history.

The Trust was designed for the purpose of educating future leaders of the world. Rhodes had studied at Oxford and felt that its organisation especially fostered broad views and personal development. A product of his time, he thought that peace, progress and prosperity would be led by the most developed economic powers which he saw as advanced civilisations. Thus, his scholarships were for countries then part of the British Empire, for the United States, and for Germany.

There were originally 52 scholarships. During the ensuing 100 years, the Trustees added at one time or another approximately another 40 scholarships, though not all have continued. Some of these extended the scheme to Commonwealth countries not mentioned in the Will.

Rhodes directed that the selection of scholars should be based on academic ability; sporting activity; qualities of personal rectitude, strength and compassion; and sense of the public good. The Trust continues to respect the spirit of these attributes, as identified within our contemporary context. Thus, while the Trustees believe that high academic attainment is a prerequisite, they also believe in the necessity of attainment in the area broadly defined by the terms of the Will.

There have been over 7,000 Rhodes Scholars since the inception of the Trust. Over 4,000 are still living.

How to apply

Applications for the 2016 Rhodes Scholarships will open in mid 2015. Potential candidates interested in postgraduate study at the University of Oxford should consult the official Rhodes Scholarships website.

Candidates are advised to contact Sue Fitzpatrick to discuss their application. Sue is assisting Maddeleine Seppelt, the Honorary Secretary to the South Australian Rhodes Scholarships Selection Committee.

Sue can be contacted on (08) 7221 8766 or at rhodes-info@flinders.edu.au.

  • 2010 Josh Makepeace BSc (Hons) 2010
  • 2001 Philip Clark BIntSt 2000 BIntSt (Hons) 2001
  • 2000 Nick Gallus BEc 1997 LLB 1999
  • 1986 Vicki Ann Spencer BA 1983 BA (Hons) 1984 MA (SocSc)(Res) 1989