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Dr Bashir El Hajjar

[MDisSt 2000]

After getting a Master’s Degree in Disability Studies from Flinders University, I was promoted to be a teacher at the Faculty of Nursing, The Islamic University of Gaza (2001). After two years, I completed my second Master’s degree which was in Psychology. In 2005, after a three year break from study, I started my steps towards a PhD in Egypt as we don't have PhD programs in Gaza. By the end of 2008, I became a Doctor of Psychology and Counselling after getting my first PhD. After a few weeks, I received a full scholarship to study a PhD in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Manchester and I left Gaza to live in Manchester for four years. During that time, I joined the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa (Johannesburg) to study a PhD in Nursing Education. In March 2013, I received my second PhD from the University of Manchester and in November 2013, I successfully completed my third PhD. I am Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the Islamic University of Gaza, awaiting promotion to be Associate Professor soon. Thank you Flinders.  

Ms Dalerine Harding


I completed half of my Graduate Nurse Program at Flinders Medical Centre then 'threw in the towel' to move to Darwin to be with the man that was soon to be my husband! I spend three and a half years in the ICU at Royal Darwin Hospital (and saw some amazing things) and then a desire to escape the humidity led us to Tenant Creek where we have been for the last two years. I am now a mother to a beautiful little boy, and working part time at Tennant Creek Hospital. I am currently also studying for a Graduate Diploma in Public Health.

Bonnie Hart

[BA 1976, BEd (In Service) 1987, MEdMgmt 2002]

Editorial and Marketing Manager, Eco Voice, "Australia's Environment Newspaper".

Susan Henry-Edwards

[BEd 1978]

There are now four Henry-Edwards who have completed degrees at Flinders - myself, Gwilym (BTh 1989), Aneurin (BSc Hons 2001) and Rhodri (BA 2004). Three members of the family have moved to Sydney where Gwilym has become Rector of St Luke's Anglican Church, Enmore and I have become Senior Research Officer at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

Tom Hinchey

[BA 1981 GradDipSocSc 1992]

I am in my ninetieth year, and have written a book Wrestling with the Past - 1913-2003 covering over ninety years of personal experiences, including a period of living on the streets of London in the Great Depression years 1929 - 1930, surviving three plane crashes in World War Two while serving in Algeria and Sicily, and emigrating to Australia with my family in 1951.

I was a steel worker for twenty years before entering Flinders and acquiring two degrees. Increasing disability forced me to withdraw after completing 80% of a Masters program gaining three distinctions during my studies. Naturally, I was disappointed, and have consoled myself with producing the book which has just gone to the publisher.

I am optimistic about the result, and the illustrations covering almost every stage in this largely autobiographical work should add greatly to its interest.

Frank Holland

[BA 1992 GradDipAsianSt 1997]

My thesis was on the Australian thoroughbred racing industry and its links with Asia. I suggested that there were significant opportunities for increased involvement by Asia in the Australian racing industry and one area yet to be exploited was equine tourism.