The Educational Quality team collaborates with academic staff and support areas across the University to build course and topic proposals, and take proposals through an online approval process in FlindersPro.

Initiators in the Educational Quality team can submit proposals for approval, update a proposal's status and manage comments and notifications during the approval process. Initiators can also run reports.

Academic staff and invited reviewers can view proposals they are involved in, monitor progress and update comments.

Approvers and committee executive officers can update a proposal's status, monitor progress, update comments and run reports.

Getting started

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The Educational Quality team submits course and topic approvals in FlindersPro. Contact the Educational Quality team to start working on a proposal.

Course and topic approval in FlindersPro (PDF 645KB)


Support for Group/Title Name

Specific course or topic proposals

Educational Quality team Local college support until the new team is in place
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