Contractor safety

Flinders University is committed to meeting the standards required by the Work Health and Safety Act 2012.


Any contractor undertaking work on University premises must register their buisiness with the Flinders University.  Contractor registration is the process  to verify and document that the proposed contractor meets the safety and insurance requirements of the University. 

To become a Registered Contractor, organisations or individuals must complete one of the following Contractor Safety Agreements related to the business type:

It is a condition that all Contractors and their sub-contactors comply with the University Work Health and Safety policies whilst carrying out their work on University premises or controlled areas.

The policy sets a framework to ensure that all contractors, sub-contractors and workers are provided with a safe working environment and that they work in ways that will maintain that safe environment.


University Staff requiring work to be undertaken within their section should consult the Registered Contractor List below before engaging the services of a contractor. If the Contractor  to be engaged is not on the list, send them the link for the relevant Contractor Safety Agreement above.  All forms should now be completed and signed electronically and returned via email with the supporting documentation.  Any question relating to the process of registering contractors can be directed to or telephone 8201 2181 OR if you are having difficulty meeting the criteria for registering a contractor contact the Insurance Officer for Insurance matters and/or Occupational Health and Safety department for WHS matters.

Registered Contractors List (PDF 360KB)  

** IMPORTANT ** If the Public Liability Insurance date of the contractor you wish to engage has expired, you need to obtain an updated copy of their Certificate of Currency and forward to Buildings and Property before engaging.


Any person intending to work on university premises must complete the Flinders University Work Health and Safety (WHS) Induction before they commence work.

Inductions are valid for 2 years only. 

The University will automatically be advised of all participants who have successfully completed the induction.

PRINTING CERTIFICATE: Whilst the University will be advised by email if you successfully complete the induction it is important that if you are intending to come on site with 24 hours of doing the induction on a Friday that you print the certificate as the list of inducted contractors will not be updated until Monday morning. You will need to have the certifcate on hand as proof of induction if you are approached by a Security Officer or other staff member. Please contact Maintenance on 8201 3020 or email for enquiries.

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