Induction is a two stage process.

The first is the Flinders University Online Induction which is a general induction and the second is a site specific induction.

1.  Online Contractor Induction

Before commencing work at Flinders University all workers must complete the mandatory University Online Induction.

Flinders Online Contractor Induction

The induction is presented as a series of topics containing key information about the University and requirements for conduct while working on our site.

If you have questions regarding the induction process please call 8201 3020. 

2.  Site Specific Work Area Induction

A site specific work area induction must be completed prior to commencing work on site and a copy of the completed induction submitted to the University person and signed by both the contractor and the University responsible person.

A local area induction must be given to the contractors before they begin their work using the following form to record the details given. This is an opportunity to identify the hazards that may exist in the workplace and to discuss and agree upon the controls to be applied.

Following the initial site specific work area induction the Contractor is responsible for ensuring any other workers coming onto the site are locally inducted and this is documented.

Work Area Induction Checklist

For Site Specific Work Area Induction Checklists outside Bedford Park, Tonsley and Victoria Square



Contractor Site Attendance Sign In/Sign Out

Contractors, sub-contractors and their workers arriving on University premises or University-controlled premises to work must sign in at the designated area, for an authorised contractor identification pass and arrange access to the site.

Contractors must have on clear display at all times the University issued authorized contractor identification pass whilst on the premises and must return it to the point of issue at the end of attendance at the premises each day along with any issued  keys and sign off prior to leaving the campus(site). 

After hours, all contractor identification passes, keys, parking permits must be returned to security. You must phone Security on 8201 2880 to organise to meet with them to return these items.

Electronic sign in/out is available at the following locations

  • Bedford Park-Buildings & Property Operations contractor sign in point, Physical Sciences road adjacent to carpark 9.
  • Bedford Park-Flinders Living Maintenance Workshop.
  • Tonsley Campus-Concierge Desk, Ground Floor, Tonsley Building

At all other sites contractors must report to reception desk prior to commencing work in order to manually sign in via the local process.

Site Safety Inspections-Contractor Safety Evaluation

Flinders University has in place a robust contractor monitoring system which includes documented random worker site safety inspections.

It is a University requirement that contractors cooperate fully with site safety inspections and provide information and documentation on request.

Site Safety Inspection Checklist