Contractor Registration

Any contractor undertaking work on University premises must register their business with Flinders University. Contractor registration is the process to verify and document that the proposed contractor meets the safety and insurance standards required by the University.

To become a Registered Contractor, organisations or individuals must complete one of the following Contractor Safety Agreements related to the intended work to be undertaken:

Builders and Trades Agreement  

Consultants and General Agreement  

Caterers and Food Vendors Agreement

Above forms must be completed, signed and returned via email with the required supporting documentation.

If you have any questions about the registration process call 8201 2733 or email

University Staff

University Staff requiring work to be undertaken within their section should consult the Registered Contractor List below before engaging the services of a contractor.

If the Contractor  to be engaged is not on the list, send them the link for the Contractor Safety webpage.  

All forms should now be completed and signed electronically and returned via email with the supporting documentation.  

Any question relating to the process of registering contractors can be directed to or telephone 8201 2733. 

Registered Contractors List  

** IMPORTANT ** If the Public Liability Insurance date of the contractor you wish to engage has expired, you need to obtain an updated copy of their Certificate of Currency and forward to Buildings and Property before engaging.


Please proceed to Step Two – Contractor Induction