Mail services

Mail is collected from designated points in all buildings twice daily or can be taken to the Mail Room (Room 011 in the Registry). Mail must be received by 3.15pm for dispatch by courier that day or by 3.45pm for posting. Mail officers are available between 8.15am to 4.30pm to provide advice and assistance. They can be contacted on ext.12100.

Details of collection times and services and rules relating to use of the University mail system are set out in the policy covering Postage, Mail and Courier Policies.

Courier services

The University Courier Service operates daily between the Registry, the Sturt Buildings and the city and should be used whenever possible for transporting goods and equipment which can be handled by one person. Separate arrangements need to be made for items which are heavy or require special attention (e.g. livestock, animal tissue, dirty items). Details are set out in the formal policy.