To obtain Buildings and Property assistance please use the Buildings and Property Request System (BPRS) or dial 8201 2733

Maintenance is responsible for:

  • maintenance and repair of site services, utilities and buildings, including electrical, gas, water, sewer and stormwater, roads and carparks, plant and machinery (lifts, boilers, air-conditioners etc.), physical security, general building fabric and fittings
  • maintenance and care of all horticultural plantings, lawns, sports fields and pathways, and litter and graffiti removal
  • minor new work requested and paid for by University sections
  • the University's    Asbestos Register 2016 (XLSX 2MB)

For other enquires relating to IT hardware and infrastructure:

Audio / visual equipment Theatre Technical Support Tel 12345 - option 1
Computer repairs Desktop Computer Helpline Tel 12345 - option 2
Telephones Telephone Helpdesk Tel 12345 - option 3
Vehicle repairs / maintenance Transport Office. Tel 12733 - option 3
General cleaning Services Manager Tel 12733 - option 4
Light globe replacements Services Tel 12733 - option 5
Office machinery repairs Manufacturer or supplier