The Services team are located in the Services and Maintenance complex at Bedford Park, located on the corner of Physical Sciences Road and Ring Road, opposite Car Park 9 on the South Ridge (Building #51 on the Campus Map)

A fleet of pool vehicles are available for business use by staff of the University and associated bodies on a first-come-first-served basis (though priority is given to University staff).

The cars available range from small saloons to 12-seater vans and two 4WD vehicles; selected vehicles have tow bars fitted.

Bookings are made through the Transport Office on ext. 12015 from between 7:00am to 4:30pm. 

A completed booking form (available from school or faculty offices or the Transport Office) must be provided.  When collecting a vehicle, all drivers must register in person with their driver's licence.

All drivers must complete the Driver Induction Quiz when hiring a University Pool Vehicle for the first time.

  • Motor vehicle bookings must be made by contacting the Transport Office on Ext 12015

  • Vehicle booking times are limited. Any change to requirements must be communicated to the Transport Office as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in the loss of vehicle booking.

  • Prior to collection of the vehicle full details of the booking must be provided on the University Vehicle Pool Booking form, including the account against which the vehicle cost is to be charged.

  • When processing vehicle bookings, University business will be given priority over associated bodies.

There is a detailed policy covering Use of Vehicles on University Business.


Fuel Purchases 

Fuel purchases should be made by use of the Motorpass card supplied with the vehicle logbook at various outlets.  

Purchases should be recorded in the logbook and the receipts returned to the Transport Office.

If for any reason the Motorpass Card can not be used to pay for fuel, the receipts should be retained and presented to the Transport Office for reimbursement. Purchases over $50 need to be claimed back using the Staff Expenses Form via the Accounts Office.


Charges for Use of Pool Vehicles

Charges for off campus travel are set from time to time by the Director, Buildings and Property on a cost recovery basis.

As a guide, charges are:

  • Sedans 85 cents/km.
  • Utilities 90 cents/km.
  • 4WD 95 cents/km.
  • 12 Seater Bus 1.00 cents/km.
    • Minimum charge $20 per trip.
    • No charge is made for on campus travel. 


Field Trips and Conferences

  • If the vehicle is required for a field trip or extended period of more than one day, a booking form should be submitted to the Transport Office one week in advance. 

  • On extended journeys of several days’ duration, drivers should regularly take rest breaks as per the Flinders University OH&S Policy. 

  • Additional equipment for field trips should be purchased by the user after completing a Risk Assessment as per Faculty OH& S procedures.

  • Adelaide Street Directories are available upon request from the Transport Office.

  • Dual Cab4WD vehicles suitable for mild/simple extended off-road field work. Additional spare wheel can be supplied upon request.


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