Projects - major and minor works

The Project Delivery department manages a number of projects, consisting of Major Capital Works, Minor Works, Miscellaneous Modifications and Refurbishment of Teaching space.

Project Delivery is responsible for the delivery of new building works, refubishments, upgrades and furniture. This includes:

  • Design Management
  • Project management (including new construction, modifications, minor works and asset replacement and upgrades)
  • Maintenance of the campus map and floor plans.

See Furniture and Renovations for more information.

Building floor plans

On-line floor plans are currently under construction. If building floor plans are required contact Frank Pavia on 8201 5228  or by emailing Buildings and Property.



The University has adopted a Signage Design Manual to maintain design standards. Progressive upgrading of signage throughout the campus is an ongoing project .

For further information contact the Planning section on  8201 2181.

located inside the drama centre