The Director Buildings and Property is responsible for the infrastructure and allocation of space across the University. All work is to be carried out with the approval of the Buildings and Property Division.

All additions and modifications to the University's buildings are required to conform to a range of statutory requirements, Australian Standards.

Staff within the Buildings and Property Division are available to provide advice on proposed additions or modifications to University buildings or services whenever these are contemplated.


  • Seek Advice on proposed building projects, alterations and new furniture from the Manager of planning or their representative.
  • Requests for advice, concept designs and estimates of Building Works, Alterations or New Furniture, are forwarded to the Campus Planner using this form, detailing the work required.
  • Buildings and Property will consider the request in consultation with the nominated contact person. A scope of works and a budget estimate for the project will be provided.

Requests for Building Works, Alterations and New Furniture should be made by completing a request form here:

If you require a chair, please see available new chairs for more information.

Building floor plans

If building floor plans are required contact:

8201 2733 option 6 or by email Buildings and Property.