Can I work from Victoria Square if I am in the city?

Yes. There are six hot desks on level 1 and two hot desks on level 2. Please note, these spaces cannot be booked. The level 2 and 10 faculty offices can be booked via email.

When can I access the space?

For information regarding building access (including afterhours) please click here.

What facilities are available at Victoria Square?


Communal kitchen facilities are located on levels 1, 2, 10 and 11 and are fully equipped with fridge/freezer, microwave, instant boiling and chilled filtered water. Limited cutlery and crockery is also available.

Vending machines

Snack and drink vending machines are located on level 10. There is also a coffee machine on level 2. Please note reception staff do not have any change. Blefari Caffe e Cucina (ground floor) is open from 7.00am - 4.00pm.

Crockery and cutlery

Limited crockery and cutlery is available in the kitchens on levels 1, 2, 10 and 11. Please ensure you clean up after use.

If you require disposable cups, plates and napkins for catering you will need to supply this.

Where can I print and photocopy?

Printing is available on the ground floor, levels 1, 2 and 11 at no cost to Flinders staff. Please contact ITS on x12345 regarding printer installation. 

Is there cupboard/storage space available?

We will attempt to allocate a cupboard or locker (in the staff kitchen on levels 1 and 2) to store any stationery or materials belonging to your department.  Please advise the Operations Officer on 722 18672 if you require space.

How can I turn the air-conditioning up/down?

The air-conditioning is set at a level by building maintenance. It is not controlled by Victoria Square staff.  The space can become very warm or draughty depending on where you are sitting.

There is an after-hours air conditioning button on each of level provided by the University.

  • Level 1 - in the main corridor between class rooms.
  • Level 2 - by the left hand entrance as you come out of the lifts.
  • Level 10 - in the main corridor between the classrooms.

These buttons can be pressed to turn the supplementary air con on after hours and on the weekends when the building air con is not programmed. In the smaller rooms it can help to have the door open to allow air flow when it gets too warm. 

Can I open the operable walls?

For safety purposes the operable walls on levels 1, 2 and 10 must be operated by trained staff. For assistance with opening and closing walls please contact Victoria Square Security. Safety Operation Procedures (SOPs) can be found by the operable walls on each floor.

Who can I contact for AV/IT Support?

For all Audio Visual and Lecture Theatre support please call x12345, option 1 between 8.30am – 5pm.

Who can I contact about displaying my event on the digital screens?

Please contact Victoria Square Staff.

Who do I contact if I notice any building issues?

Please report any building/maintenance issues to Victoria Square Security.

Who is responsible for room set-ups?

It is the responsibility of the event/meeting organiser to organise room set-ups. If you require assistance please contact Victoria Square staff. Please note that furniture should be returned to standard configuration after your event in consideration of the next group that will use the space.

When does the cleaner come in?

Cleaners are on site in the morning and afternoon. Please note that it is your responsibility to clean up after your event/class in consideration for the next group using the room.

The classrooms are locked. Where can I find a key?

If tutorial rooms are locked, a key for level 1 is kept in the level 1 staff area. A key for levels 2 and 10 is located in the level 2 staff area. Please return the key to the same location after use. Alternatively, please contact Victoria Square Security (Monday – Friday) on 0427 611 106 or press the security speed dial on any internal phone.

Who can I contact for stationery & student/staff support?

Please notify the Operations Officer if there is a need for stationery, materials and supplies and any student/staff support. Victoria Square does not have a general stationery/goods supply.

Can I bring Children on to University Premises?

Parents/carers may request approval to bring their children to work, classes or study areas where there are sudden and/or unexpected difficulties with childcare arrangements. Approval should be obtained from a supervisor/lecturer for the child to attend work/classes/study areas. The University expects that parents will not routinely bring children to work, classes or study areas as an alternative to organised childcare. Click here for more information.

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