Flinders University encourages people to travel together in the same car to get to campus rather than driving by themselves.

When 2 or more people travel together in the same car it is referred to as car pooling.

How the program works

  1. Two people buy a car pool permit.
  2. Two car pool permits must be displayed together on the passenger side dashboard of the car.
  3. Park in one of the priority placed car pooling bays around campus when you display the two permits.

Buying your car pool permit

Permits can be purchased from Flinders Connect or online. You need two car pool permits displayed to park in the car pool bays.

Priority placed parks

There are car pool bays identified by signage and red line marking located in car parks 4, 5, 9 and 13. You need to display 2 car pool permits to be able to park in these bays.

Permit combinations

If you can't commit to purchasing a car pool permit but can share a ride with someone occasionally, you can park in the car pool bays by combining the following permits:

  • 1 car pool permit and 1 general permit
  • 2 general permits
  • a general or car pool permit combined with a day ticket.