Flinders University encourages people to travel together in the same car to get to campus rather than driving by themselves.

When 2 or more people travel together in the same car it is referred to as car pooling.

How the program works

  1. Two people buy a car pool permit from the Cashiers Office.
  2. Two car pool permits must be displayed together on the passenger side dashboard of the car.
  3. Park in one of the priority placed car pooling bays around campus when you display the two permits.

The cost of car pool permits

Permits can be purchased at the Cashiers Office. You need two car pool permits displayed to park in the car pool bays. Forms are available at the registry or at http://www.flinders.edu.au/campus/location/parking.cfm 

Savings from car pooling

  • Sharing the cost of petrol to get to and from campus.
  • Reducing wear and tear on your car by alternating the car you use with your fellow car pooler.
  • Environmental savings include reducing petrol consumption and green house gas emissions while reducing car congestion on local roads and on campus.
  • Reducing the need to construct more car parks on campus.

Priority placed parks

There are car pool bays identified by signage and red line marking located in car parks 1, 4, 5, 9 and 13. You need to display 2 car pool permits to be able to park in these bays.

Permit combinations

If you can't commit to purchasing a car pool permit but can share a ride with someone occasionally, you can park in the car pool bays by combining the following permits:

  • 1 car pool permit and 1 general permit
  • 2 general permits
  • a general or car pool permit combined with a day ticket.

Finding a car pool partner

Simply log into the Online Car pool Matching System using your FAN (Flinders Authentication Name) and password to view possible matches available or to enter your details so that other people can see if they can match up with you.

For security reasons, when you enter your details, your email , suburb and first name are the only personal details available for other people to view.

Please enter in the days and times that you need to come to and leave campus as this will help to refine your search. You can update these details at any time to enable more suitable matches.

Tips for finding a match

When you have identified someone on the matching system that is suited to your suburb and timetable, send them an email stating who you are and asking if they can meet you.

For your personal security, it is recommended that you first meet in a public place, preferably on campus.

When making arrangements for the car pool, make sure you discuss things such as:

  • whose car you will be using
  • how you will split the cost of petrol
  • any other commitments that you have on certain days (ie work, child care)
  • how compatible your timetables are and how often you are able to car pool
  • what you will do for the days you are unable to car pool (ie have another partner, catch the bus)
  • contingency plan if you are unable to make the car pool (ie agree that if you will be late or sick that you will give notice as soon as possible so that the other person can make alternate travel arrangements)
  • talk about whether it is feasible to purchase 2 car pool permits together and what other options could work better
  • discuss what the protocol is for giving additional people a ride to uni every now and then.

If you and your car pool match would like additional advice or support for this first meeting, you can ask the Green Transport Officer for assistance, which includes them facilitating the meeting.

…. and keeping the match

  • Be sure to contact the car pool person you are meant to pick up or get a ride from as soon as possible if you are running late or cannot make it to the meeting point or to uni that day.
  • Follow through with the agreement you have made with your partner from the start ie if you agree to arrive 10 minutes before lectures start, make sure that you do!
  • Be honest and communicate how the car pool is going for you in a way that is not confrontational.
  • Have a professional approach to your car pooling. Don't treat it as an opportunity to tell someone all of your problems or get into heated and uncomfortable debates.
  • Contact the Green Transport Officer if you need assistance with making the car pool work better.