Flinders has a large community of students and staff who cycle to campus on a regular basis throughout the year.

Various facilities exist to enable cyclists to get to campus safely, feel secure about locking their bikes up and be clean and comfortable throughout the day through using shower and change facilities.

Cycling is the most rewarding mode of transport to use to get to campus as it helps individuals to be healthy and save money. Bikes also use fewer resources to function and keep maintained, and emit less pollution, all of which contribute to a cleaner environment.

Cycle paths

It is possible to use backstreets and bike paths to get most of the way to campus from all areas of Adelaide. En route to campus there are some busy roads which are unavoidable, though paths in the Bikedirect maps offer intersections and maintained routes that are friendly for cyclists.

The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure provide web-based Bikedirect maps. These maps are also available from the Registry Reception and the Transport Office (located at Building 51 - off Physical Sciences Road) at no cost.

Once you get to campus, there are several designated cycle lanes. These are along University Drive, and from Bellevue Heights through car park 3.

Parking your bike

Rails to which bikes can be secured are provided in the following locations:

  • Humanities (northern courtyard entrance and walkway to SSN)
  • Mall (under Plaza Stairs)
  • Social Sciences South (main entrance)
  • Sports Centre (east side)
  • Information Science and Technology (IST) (main entrance)
  • Engineering (east side of IST building)
  • Sturt Buildings (under Library).

Lockable bicycle store

There are 2 lockable bike stores on campus. These are available for FREE to students and staff. You can apply to access the bike stores using the  Bike Store Access Application Form (XLS 29KB) and returning the completed form to the the Transport Office - located in the Maintenance Building, Building #51 - off Physical Sciences Road or emailing the completed form to security@flinders.edu.au.

Access to the lockable bike stores is made with your student or staff card after Security has activated the magnetic strip on it.

The card is used so that security to the store is maximised.

The bike stores are located under the Library at Sturt and under the steps at Anchor Court.

No responsibility is accepted by the university for any loss of or damage to bicycles stored in the bicycle stores.



You can have a shower and get changed in any of the following locations:

  • The Sturt Gym G102 (F), G116(M)
  • North Wing of the Sturt Buildings N249(F), N245(M)
  • Law and Commerce 220 (M/F)
  • Biological Sciences 306 (F), 210 (M)
  • The IST building 214(F), 216(M)
  • Physical Sciences 2009(F), 3100(M)
  • The Sports Centre 2007(F), 2009(M).

Cycling tips

  • If you don't want to ride the whole way to campus, combine cycling with public transport (put your bike on the train or lock it up at the bus stop).
  • Use bike bags so that you avoid carrying a heavy load on your back.
  • Remember to bring a lightweight raincoat in case of unexpected rain.
  • Remember your lights in case you have to stay back late.
  • Plan your route.
  • Cycle with friends if you can.