A number of bus routes from the northern suburbs, Port Adelaide, the south-western suburbs and Blackwood run directly to the university. Services run between campus and the city via Goodwood, Unley and South Roads. In the morning and afternoon there are several express services that operate between the city and the university.

Services from the southern suburbs and the Marion Access Service connect with the university's Loop Bus service at the Flinders Medical Centre. There are also connecting services from railway stations and Marion Shopping Centre.

A general information leaflet on public transport services to the university is available from The Central Library.


You can get timetables for all of the services that come to the university campus and the Medical Centre from the following:

  • The Union Hub (Sturt)
  • The Central Library

Selected timetables are available from:

  • The Post Office

Other timetables can be obtained from the Passenger Transport Infocentre at the corner of King William and Currie streets, Adelaide or from the Adelaide Metro website.

The right ticket

Each time you catch an Adelaide Metro Service you must validate a card/ticket in the machine on board. Below are several tips you can follow to ensure that you get the best value for money and have the right ticket, and hence avoid a fine.

  • Multitrip tickets became obsolete on 31 December 2014.  You will now be required to purchase a metroticket onboard for singletrips or daytrips only. 

    Alternatively you can:
  • Purchase and use a metrocard.  This is the cheapest type of ticket offering discounted fares on all metropolitan bus, train, tram or Busway services.  It is an electronic smartcard designed for multiple trips that needs to be "topped" up with funds as you use them.   You can purchase metro cards at the Flinders University Post office or many other hand locations follow this link to find other places to purchase tickets http://adelaidemetro.com.au/Tickets/Where-to-buy
  • Be mindful of the different time zone tickets.
    • All times tickets can be used all day during the week and weekends
    • Interpeak tickets can be used between 9:00am and 3:00pm each week day and are almost half the price of All times tickets.
  • If you are a visitor, don’t travel often or don’t want to use a metrocard, you can still buy a Singletrip or Daytrip ticket from either the bus driver or ticket vending machines on all trains and trams.

Transport concessions

Full-time students are entitled to concessions on metropolitan buses and trains. Students who are fulltime for Semester 1 or Semester 2 are entitled to these concessions for the semester in which they are fulltime. The Student ID card provides validation for these concessions, which can be requested once online enrolment has been completed. Continuing students can obtain a sticker to update their Student ID card once they have completed online enrolment. See the Student ID card page for more information about student ID cards and how to obtain an enrolment sticker if you are a continuing student.

The transport concession will be available to fulltime tertiary students who purchase Concession Holder multitrip tickets only . The student transport concession will not be valid for single or day trip tickets. Be sure to indicate that you are a tertiary student, as there is a different concession for primary and secondary students and substantial penalties apply for those travelling on the incorrect type of multitrip ticket. The dependant spouse of a student on Youth Allowance/Austudy can also receive concessions. Application can be made through Families SA.

Always carry your Flinders University Concession Card if you are using a concession ticket when catching public transport.

Airline concession cards can be obtained from travel agents and International Student Cards can be obtained from STA Travel. These cards must be endorsed by the Student Records Office. To obtain these cards you will need to provide a passport-size photo.

Loop Bus

The University Loop Bus is a free service that runs during semester on a loop linking the north and south ridge precincts and the Sturt precinct with the Flinders Medical Centre bus interchange.