Building access


After Hours Access Guidelines


These guidelines are to assist in the management of after hours access to Flinders University property. After hours access may be required by individuals or groups for study, research, functions, events, building or site works.

The university is generally accessible from Monday to Friday between 7.45am and 5.30pm. Any access required outside of these days and times is considered after hours. University buildings are secured by an electronic access system which is managed by Security.

Staff and Students

Information and reporting of barriers relating to Universal Access can be found at

To gain access after hours, take your staff or student ID card to your department or school. The relevant officer will determine which buildings and rooms you are authorised to enter and take your details. This information will then be forwarded by the relevant officer in writing to Security via email

Security need to be advised in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the following details:

  • Name(s) of person(s) requiring access
  • Department or School
  • Date(s) and hours of access required
  • Building, level, room (area)
  • Authorisation


It is the Flinders University Responsible Person’s (person engaging the contractor) duty to seek authorisation and facilitate after hours access for all contractors.

Contractors will need to be issued with a temporary access card available from the relevant officer from the Responsible Persons department or school.

Contractors need to have completed the electronic induction available on the Flinders University website  and to have all the necessary permits for work being undertaken prior to arrival on site. 

Security need to be advised in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the following details:

  • Flinders University Responsible Person’s name and contact details
  • Name(s) of person(s) requiring access
  • Company
  • Date(s) of access required
  • Building, level, room (area) of work being undertaken
  • Duration of work
  • If any fire zone isolation is required, duration and reason

Important: Please note that Security is only able to give access to the following areas with specific approval in writing from the relevant authorised person:

  • Electrical Switchboards – Maintenance Manager
  • Roof Access – Maintenance Manager
  • Water Tank Compound – Maintenance Manager
  • University Data Centres and communications rooms – ITS services


On Arrival

Staff and Students

To unlock doors hold your ID card approximately 20mm in front of the card reader. When the green light illuminates the automatic door will open. Standard doors will need to be opened by lever action.


Contractors will be required to sign in upon arrival. Contact Security by phoning 8201 2880 or use the security phone at the front of the Registry Building which is a direct link to the on-duty Security Officer. Contractors must also sign out before leaving the campus.

Please note that signing in is an electronic process that is linked to the on-line induction database. If a contractor has not passed the induction they will not be able sign in and commence work. Once a contractor has successfully signed in, a pass will be issued and must be worn at all times whilst on campus.

Permits required for specific work should be carried at all times by the contractor.


For information relating to holding an event on campus go to