About us

The Career and Employer Liaison Centre (CELC) provides a diverse range of services and programs to students and recent graduates including workshops, job posting services, careers advice and a comprehensive range of careers resources.

Our services are free to all students, including graduates, up to 18 months after the end of their studies.

Each year many students and graduates look to us for assistance in their search for permanent, part-time and summer jobs, and internships. In addition to providing career education, individual advising and guidance to students, we promote over 10,000 jobs and internship opportunities to students annually.

We also provide in excess of 500 discipline related work integrated learning opportunities in a wide variety of companies including law and accounting firms, environmental agencies, government departments, councils and community based organisations.

Employers come to CELC to look for talented students and graduates with skills that they need for their businesses and organisations.

CELC can provide employers with many services to help them find the best students for their employment needs. Our recruitment services are provided to employers free of charge and are offered year round.