Health Sciences

Example Job Adverts

Please find below some recent job advertisements sourced by the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre (CELC). 

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list, but is merely meant to demonstrate the employment opportunities available to graduates of this discipline.

Department of Health, Obesity Prevention & Lifestyle (OPAL) Project Officer

Duties: The OPAL Project Officer is responsible for the behaviour change programs in the areas of physical activity and healthy eating to support the local implementation of the OPAL initiative. This involves working with a broad range of sectors and stakeholders to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate relevant behaviour change strategies that support the delivery of this initiative.



Haematology and Oncology Clinical Trials - The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Administrative Coordinator

Duties: The Clinical Trials Administrative Coordinator contributes to the planning and implementation of clinical trials of all phases by maintaining the Investigator Site Files, the Clinical Trials data-base and by undertaking administrative aspects associated with clinical research, including disseminating clinical trial conduct information and materials, monitoring to ensure compliance with guidelines and standard operational procedures, completing site qualification and trial conduct documents. Duties also include the reporting of Drug Safety Reports to the Human Research Ethics Committee and coordinating trials unit registries.