The Forensic and Analytical Science specialisation is available in two streams: Forensic and Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Biology.

Where can our graduates go?

Our graduates have taken up positions in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, marine chemical investigations, and forensic industries in forensic, analytical, winery and environmental laboratories. They have also gained positions in government agencies, including the Australian Federal Police. Many students have continued with tertiary study, enrolling in the Bachelor of Science (Forensic and Analytical Science) (Honours) and then undertaking research towards a Master of Science or a PhD.

Getting a degree is the first step on a pathway to a range of employment opportunities. Some potential occupations for those with a degree in this area as they progress through their career include those listed below.

Potential Occupations

Potential Employers

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Analytical/Forensic Chemist in Fuels and Lubricated Systems
  • Biochemist
  • Business Analyst
  • Chemistry Instrumentation Sales Professional
  • Development Chemist
  • Document Examination Team Member
  • Fingerprint Investigator
  • Forensic Chemist
  • Forensic Imaging Specialist
  • Forensic Mortuary Technician
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Forensic Technical Assistant
  • Formulation Chemist
  • Graduate Chemist
  • Industrial Chemist
  • Junior Scientist - Bionanalytical Sciences
  • Laboratory Assistant - Genetics
  • Laboratory Chemist
  • Laboratory Officer (Analytical Chemist)
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Organic Chemist
  • Patent Examiner
  • Pharmacy Sales Representative
  • Production Biochemist
  • Project Officer
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Research & Development Chemist
  • Research Analyst
  • Scientific Officer
  • Team Member Chemical Criminalistics
  • Technical Officer
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Alphapharm
  • Australian Centre for Ancient DNA
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Centre for Australian Forensic Soil Science
  • CSR Limited
  • Department of Police and Emergency Management
  • DST Group
  • DuluxGroup
  • Environment Protection Authority
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  • Forensic and Scientific Services
  • Forensic Science SA
  • Geneworks
  • Hardy Wine Company
  • Healthscope
  • IP Australia
  • Jurlique International
  • Penrice Soda Products
  • SA Water
  • South Australian Police
  • The Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Unilever Australasia
  • Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
  • Wattyl Australia Group

These jobs indicate some possible employment pathways, including graduate and more advanced (or higher level) positions, and reflect the diversity of our student cohort. Some jobs may require further experience or study and are included here to illustrate the breadth of potential pathways available as you progress in your career.