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Let us deliver customised support

We are happy to discuss your recruitment needs and develop customised support to suit your requirements, for example we can:

  • gather and collate interested applicants
  • assess applications, conduct interviews and provide you with a short list of candidates that meet your requirements
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Flinders graduates make great new recruits

Flinders University aims to be the source of Australia's most enterprising graduates who have a strong sense of integrity, courage, innovation and excellence.

Our graduates:

  • are knowledgeable
  • can apply their knowledge
  • communicate effectively
  • work independently
  • are collaborative
  • value ethical behaviour
  • connect accross boundaries

Our courses are informed by the needs of industry and employers to deliver graduates who meet the requirements of tomorrow's workforce.

“As a legal practitioner, business owner and employer, I am impressed with the quality of students that Flinders University, more particularly the Law School, is producing. They seem to be more work-ready, well-rounded and knowledgeable. I consider their students to be solid and seasoned contenders for positions I offer in my firm.”

Norma T Nemer

Principal of Nemer Essey Lawyers