Gain the benefits of engaging with our students

Invite students to gain experience by involving them in your work and project delivery

Access new ideas, perspective and energy by hosting a Flinders University student through the WorkReady Program.

Work experience placements allow you to bring talented and productive students into your workplace, while offering students professional development learning outside of the traditional classroom environment.

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Contribute to the development of students' work readiness

Actively contribute to the professional development of students and recent graduates by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

We value contributions from industry professionals and employers, like you, who make meaningful contributions to our career events and programs held throughout the year.

Your involvement in these events can be personally rewarding and may also enable you to make new contacts, meet potential employees and raise your organisation’s profile with our students.

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Let us customise engagement opportunities for you

We are able to work with you to develop customised opportunities for you to engage with Flinders Students. Please contact us to discuss further.



Engaging with students can reap rewards

  • influence the quality of the next generation of professionals
  • gain new ideas and perspectives
  • expand your understanding of the skills and knowledge of current graduates
  • grow your recruitment options
  • raise your profile within the community
  • offer opportunities for staff development within your organisation