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Flinders Graduate Skill Development Programs

We have developed a series of advanced programs to help our students navigate the new workplace environment. These programs give students the opportunity to:

  • Explore personal characteristics
  • Develop relevant workplace skills
  • Build skills in analysis
  • Enhance written and oral communication
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Work with students from outside their discipline area.

The programs further develop students' skills to better prepare them for employment. This compliments other Careers and Employer Liaison Centre programs such as:

Flinders Leadership Program

The Flinders Leadership Program integrates the students' academic experience, promotes additional skill development and provides practical experience. It consists of a series of training programs and opportunities to participate in experiential project opportunities.

Employers can serve as presenters on career-related topics such as business ethics, job survival or organisational culture.

More information

If you are interested in raising your profile on campus and would like to assist, please contact the Graduate Skill Development Coordinator on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email.


Flinderslink keeps employers informed of recruitment services, events and essential university information to assist you to recruit a Flinders student or graduate.

To receive a copy or to be place on our mailing list, please contact Julia Parker (Employer Engagement Coordinator) on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email .


If you are interested in offering an academic prize, scholarship or work placement to Flinders students, please contact Julia Parker (Employer Engagement Coordinator) on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email .  We will refer you to the correct department.

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For more information about marketing your organisation to Flinders students, refer to:

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