Programs and Services

Flinders offers a range of employer services to assist you in recruiting our graduates and undergraduates for your full time, part time, vacation, internship and contract positions. We can connect you to students with the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that you require.

Promoting your vacancies

Students can access your job openings all day, every day.

We can promote your vacancies to students through:

  • Direct email through our Gradjobs and Enrolled Student Employment Opportunities email lists
  • Direct mailout
  • Directly through the disciplines
  • Email listserv
  • Noticeboards
  • Through our website - we provide current vacancies listings available to all students

These services are free to employers.

You can submit your vacancy direct to the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre.

Targeting students

If you are seeking to target a selected group of students, please contact the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre to discuss suitable methods to access those students.

GradJobs and Enrolled Student Employment (email lists for students)

The GradJobs and Enrolled Student Employment email lists allow students to receive job information by email.

  • GradJobs - employment opportunities for students and recent graduates
  • Enrolled Student Employment - employment opportunities for enrolled students such as vacation work, internships, part-time employment, etc.

There is no charge for this service.

Your vacancy can be forwarded to the following lists:

  • BA - students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Program, International Studies and Justice and Society
  • BIOL - students with a qualification in biology (not marine biology)
  • BUS - students interested in a position that requires a business qualification such as Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Banking and International Finance, Bachelor of International Business, Bachelor of Economics
  • CHEM - students with a qualification in chemistry
  • COMM - students interested in positions dealing with people in the community (eg students from psychology, behavioural science, social work and health science)
  • ENG - students interested in an engineering position
  • ENV - students interested in a position working with the environment (eg environmental health, environmental management or environmental science)
  • HEALTH - students seeking a position requiring an allied health qualification (eg speech pathology, nutrition and dietetics, audiology and disability studies)
  • INTL - for international students seeking a career outside Australia
  • IT - students interested in an information technology/computing position
  • MARINE - students seeking a career in marine biology/science or aquaculture
  • MED - students seeking a career in medical science or medical research
  • LAW - students completing a law qualification
  • NURS - students interested in a position in nursing
  • SCI - students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering with qualifications in physics, maths, nanotechnology and earth sciences
  • TEACH - students interested in teaching
  • TOURISM - students from Ecotourism, Cultural Tourism or International Tourism

Direct mail

We can undertake targeted mail outs to students on a cost recovery basis. These can be targeted at particular disciplines as required.

Other ways to promote your business to our students

Careers fairs

We conduct Careers fairs on campus each year. These fairs provide information to students about the opportunities in various fields. They also allow students to discuss requirements, applications and opportunities directly with prospective employers.

These events offer employers convenient access to a large group of potential graduate employees, and the opportunity to raise your profile amongst Flinders students.

Campus visits

Campus presentations can be organised at any time of the year. The Careers and Employer Liaison Centre runs high profile activities between the months of March and June. These activities include employer visits that are highly visible to students.

Visits are publicised through our weekly Graduate Vacancies Listing, email, the weekly vacancies listing, on careers noticeboards and through announcements at relevant lectures.

Multimedia lecture theatres are available for presentations. Please discuss your equipment requirements when making your booking.

If you are seeking to target a selected group of students, please contact the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre to discuss suitable dates to access those students.

How we can assist you with the recruitment process

We can help to streamline your recruitment process by providing the following services.

Collection and forwarding of applications

We can collect resumes/applications from students on your behalf and forward them to you at no charge.


Interview rooms are available on campus. Careers staff will coordinate your visit, book in students and ensure your day is as hassle free as possible.

More information

For more information, refer to:

For more information on the services available to employers, contact Julia Parker (Employer Engagement Coordinator) on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email .

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