Raise your Campus Profile

Each year recruitment activities increase as employers find the results of employing our students to be beneficial for their organisation and Flinders students.

At the start of the academic year many students are not yet familiar with most of the employers who recruit Flinders students. Most are still in the process of exploring different career opportunities. In order to maximise your recruitment it is important to develop an effective marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy includes considering the characteristics of the position(s) and organisation, and identifying target students.

Information presentations

Students' feedback to Careers and Employer Liaison Centre staff has shown that employer presentations need to provide students with a realistic job overview . A good presentation contains:

  • Highly specific information
  • Career paths
  • A description of a typical day
  • Work activities
  • Remuneration details
  • Application procedures
  • Comments from recent graduates

It is helpful to allow time for questions from the audience at the end, and then time for informal one-on-one discussions .

Sessions need to be highly focussed and well presented. The use of multimedia, video or Powerpoint can do much to introduce students to your organisation.

Our goal is to help you ensure strong student attendance at your events. We use email, posters, lecture announcements and flyers to promote your presentation.


As part of our service to employers, all campus interview visits, information presentations and recruitment activities are publicised via our email and web-based services, as well as through traditional means.

However, it is a good idea to produce your own publicity for your recruiting event. To discuss your marketing campaign for the students you are targeting, please contact Julia Parker (Employer Engagement Coordinator) on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email .

Flyers and posters

Flyers and posters placed around campus to advertise presentations are useful, although flyers tend to be removed within 2 days. Noticeboard space in the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre and on campus is very limited, so if you would like to send a poster, please make it a reasonable size (A4 is preferred). University noticeboards can be very crowded and material can become lost. By using appropriate design and layout you can ensure that your message remains visible.

Direct mail and email

Mass email messages are usually not well received by students, however, personal correspondence makes students feel individually valued by the employer and is highly effective.

Careers events

The Careers and Employer Liaison Centre runs a number of high profile development and skills programs for Flinders students. These can be an effective means to raise your profile amongst students.

Programs include:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leadership Seminar Series
  • Leadership Challenge
  • 1/2/3 - to assist 1st , 2nd and 3rd year students to find out about:
    • employer expectations of graduates
    • skills developed at university during your degree
    • developing workplace skills
    • what you can do now
    • job options and examples of appropriate employers
  • Graduate Mentor Scheme (to link final year students with Flinders alumni)
  • Careers Fairs

Employers can serve as presenters on career-related topics such as business ethics, job survival or organisational culture. If you are interested in raising your profile on campus and would like to assist, please contact the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre.

Employer literature and information

The information you provide to the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre often serves as a student's first contact with your organisation. Whatever form it takes (brochure, pamphlet or website) your organisation's information needs to be relevant, clear, thorough and current. Information from recent graduates or former vacation work students is especially helpful if they describe actual projects or on-the-job experiences.

We can provide a link from our website to your organisation and graduate employment website. Please send your web address to the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre by email . Alternatively please contact Julia Parker (Employer Engagement Coordinator) on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email .

Student organisations

Working with student organisations can be an excellent way to spread the word about your career opportunities. Those employers who develop ongoing relationships with student groups over the course of several years usually reap the most benefit. Contact Flinders One for further information.

Faculty and academic staff

If you would like to make contact with faculty in a particular academic discipline, please contact Julia Parker (Employer Engagement Coordinator) on Tel: (08) 8201 2832 or by email .

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