Support the next generation of professionals to become the best they can be

Become a mentor

Help ignite the career of a future leader. Becoming a mentor for a Flinders University student gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, industry insights and advice to help them become a leader of tomorrow.

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Share your experiences

Sharing your experiences, and the lessons you have learnt along the way, is a great way to support the career development of others.

  • Tell your graduate story online (alumni only)
  • Share your experience in person with small groups of students - express an interest
  • Let us capture your story on a short video to share with our students


Let us customise the support your offer

We are interested in talking with you about how you would like to support our students achieve and contribute to our community. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.



Make a meaningful contribution to a students future

  • Gain enjoyment from watching mentees grow and succeed professionally and personally
  • Apply and develop your leadership qualities
  • Gain access to new ideas and insights
  • Continue to enhance your interpersonal and communication skills
  • Pass forward your knowledge and experience to the next generation of professionals