There are a variety of opportunities in establishing an internship/placement.

Are there projects, tasks or research that could be undertaken in your organisation?  

Is there a project that you've always wanted to start or further develop, but just haven't had the personnel resources to invest in it?

If you would like help in identifying opportunities you may have please contact us and we can explore ideas and opportunities with you further and assist in creating suitable placements.

All participants in the WorkReady Program have an important role to play to ensure the success of the placement. The role of the supervisor is to assist the student to learn from their experience in a supportive atmosphere.

Establishing a placement

To assist the WorkReady placement student with fulfilling their workplace obligations the host supervisor will need to provide:

  • a written job description outlining the student’s duties and responsibilities. The WorkReady Project Officer can assist you with writing a job description. It is important that this should reflect meaningful tasks to develop knowledge and skills. Although students may need to perform occasional routine or busy work as part of their normal duties, these should not be the primary focus
  • the student with a general orientation to your organisation, rules and objectives of the placement
  • opportunities to interact with other staff (professional and administrative)
  • access to the experiences, equipment and information necessary for the students to complete their WorkReady duties
  • ongoing encouragement and support as well as suggestions for improvement of performance and
  • the opportunity for refl ective discussion with the WorkReady student about the placement, the profession or your organisation.


WorkReady is offered at no cost. However students may need some assistance with travel, food and accommodation in some instances. All work related expenses would need to be met by the host organisation.


WorkReady placements operate throughout the year and the placement period is flexible depending on your organisation’s needs and available resources. Projects can be done either in a block period or spread over time, for example, 1 day a week for 20 weeks.


Students who participate in WorkReady are insured for public liability through Flinders University. In addition, Flinders University provides students with personal injury cover, in case of injury during placement. This insurance is provided at no cost to the host organisation.

Organisations participating in WorkReady also need public liability insurance before hosting a student. Information regarding public liability insurance and WorkReady can be obtained from the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre.

Student Selection / Referral Process

Students register for WorkReady by completing an application form detailing current skills/abilities, previous experience and academic background. In addition, they are required to submit a short paragraph outlining their reasons for wanting the placement that they are applying for and how this would assist their career development.

Suitable applicants are then referred on to the host organisation. Interviews can take place to select a student who is suitable for the requirements of the host organisation. The Host supervisor can elect either to participate in the selection process for their organisation or to submit a project description and the Careers and Employer Liaison Centre will select the student.