Testimonials from employers and organisations who have hosted Flinders University students on WorkReady placements


Pace Lawyers & Adelaide Legal were delighted to be a part of the Flinders University WorkReady Internship Program this year. The Program teamed me up with Cristalle, a bright and determined fourth year law student, keen to gain some experience in the industry and within our busy law practice. It was our pleasure to host Cristalle and to give something back to the next generation of lawyers coming through Flinders University.
Julia Adlem, Senior Associate Lawyer, Pace Lawyers & Adelaide Legal


My name is Antony Yates and I am the Aboriginal Education Teacher at Wirreanda Secondary school. I am writing on behalf of the Aboriginal Education Team, in recognition and recommendation of the WorkReady program facilitated by Flinders University.

Our involvement with the WorkReady program began in mid 2014, and we have had an incredibly positive experience since.

We advertised for two positions, the first was for a tutor for the literacy and numeracy program we run in the Nunga room which supports between 40 and 50 high need students of both ATSI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) and non-ATSI background. Our student's needs are complex and varied, and we work with students who may have learning disabilities, behavioural issues, are years behind in their literacy and numeracy skills, have negotiated education plans (NEP) are young mothers, young offenders, GOM, and much more.

The second was for a data analysis to collect, record and assist us in monitoring the student's progress and also work on individual plans for students. Monitoring students with such complex learning needs requires much paperwork and keeping of detailed records to ensure the students are being cared for both in terms of their well-being in addition to their learning and academic need too.

These are both complicated positions, however the students that filled these positions have not only worked professionally within the position statement, but have also worked with the students with patience and flexibility and understanding.

In addition to this, the staff from Flinders University supporting these students and ourselves have worked tirelessly to assist us.

I cannot recommend the WorkReady program highly enough.

Antony Yates, Aboriginal Education Teacher, Wirreanda Secondary School