Horizon Award graduates are commercially aware with the right aptitude and attitude to deliver great results for your organisation.

Partner with Flinders University's Horizon Award program

The Horizon Professional Development Award is a high profile, campus-wide program that links motivated degree students into a broad range of skill and professional development activities.

The experience our students gain from the Horizon Award equips them with critical skills, insights and experiences that will help them to make a difference in both today's and tomorrow's business environments. 

The importance of equipping our students to be innovative and adaptable with transferrable skills for the future global work space is something that Flinders University takes seriously, which is why we offer businesses the opportunity to benefit from and participate in our Horizon Professional Development Award.

Giving students the edge

Industry Forums: Industry Forums provide a platform for students to engage with industry representatives and graduates. The events prepare them for a career by enhancing their understanding of the professional standards business expect from employees. Help nurture tomorrow Mentoring: The University runs a number of employer-led mentoring programs to help our studnets improve their employability. Business decsioons makers share their experiences, knowlesge and insights to inspire and better prepare our students for their professional careers. Collaborate & Co-create: Employers can benefit by collaborating with groups of Flinders University students to develop commercially relevant concepts and identify new options that may unlock opportunities for future growth. Workshops: Horizon Award students are able to attend workshops that equip them with practical skills and insights across a broad range of over thirty business-critical disciplines.

Get in touch and help us shape your future workforce

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can benefit from participating in Flinders University's Horizon Professional Development Award, please contact the Horizon Award Coordinator.

Email: horizon@flinders.edu.au

Phone: 8201 2832