Flinders University Horizon Professional Development Award


The Horizon Professional Development Award brings together a full range of experiences that will broaden your skills, expand your thinking, make you highly attractive to employers and set you up for success in your career.

It is an award program unique to Flinders University, which recognises the importance of developing professional skills alongside your academic studies and rewards you for it.

It is based on the latest research informing what work skills you need, now and in the future.


Why join?

STAND OUT TO EMPLOYERS: Employers prioritise graduates who have the skills to make a real difference from day one. We help you develop the skills employers want and the tools to market them. Plus, we’re talking to more and more employers about the Horizon Award, so they’ll be looking for graduates that have it. ACCESS OPPORTUNITIES: Horizon brings you a huge variety of experiences in the one place. Easily find opportunities that interest you, including: Work experience, Professional mentoring, Volunteering, Leadership programs, Skill workshops, Student clubs. FORMAL RECOGNITION: When you choose to do stuff in your own time you aren’t often recognised for it. With the Horizon Award, you are.You’ll earn points for the things you do to develop your professional skills. Reach point milestones and we’ll award you certificates to formally recognise your achievements. FREEDOM TO GO YOUR OWN WAY: There is no ‘one-size fits all’ in the Horizon Award. You choose the things you want to get involved in based on your needs and skill development. That’s why, whether you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, have no professional experience or have been working for years, this program is for you. NO TIME RESTRICTIONS: Feeling time poor? That’s cool, there are lots of activities that you can do in less than 90 minutes. Moreover, there is no time limit for the Horizon Award. Keep earning points for as long as you’re enrolled at Flinders. The Program is completely self-directed, so do things when you can and don’t worry when you can’t. FEEL CONFIDENT:Face the future with confidence. In a world that is rapidly changing, the skills you

What others have said

"Since joining the Horizon Award I have developed skills to better engage with potential future employers and work colleagues."
Chris, Engineering Science

"I now understand the importance of ‘putting myself out there’ rather than simply relying on my grades to get me employment. I know how to effectively describe the skills I have and to tailor for each position."
Shelley, Health Sciences

"The Horizon Award has been a valuable educational tool in addition to my studies in helping me to return to the workforce after a very long absence."
Gina, Law

"I want to thank everyone involved in the wonderful Horizon program. You have made a huge impact on my future."
Tracey, Medical Science

How to join and find out more

Join the Horizon Award FLO site and you will have full access to the Program. You can browse activities and experiences and start accruing points.

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Contact us

Email: horizon@flinders.edu.au

Phone: 8201 5198