Am I eligible?

Applications to participate in the Inspire Mentor Program are open to all currently enrolled Flinders University students from across disciplines.

Mentors must complete ALL of the following before they are actively involved (placed) in Inspire:

  • 1 x day Mentor Induction Session;
  • hold a current Criminal History Check;
  • 1 x signed Expectations of Mentors form; and
  • 1 x signed Understanding Mandatory Notification form 

What is the weekly time commitment for Inspire?

All mentors are expected to participate for at least 2hrs per week in any given mentor placement.

Can I mentor more than 2hrs per week?

Mentors must be able to actively mentor for 2hrs per week (excluding mid-semester, mid-year & end of year breaks). If you have the availability in your weekly schedule to commit to more than 2hrs a week this can be negotiated with both the Inspire Program Project Officers and the partner-organisation.

Can I do more than one placement?

If you are willing and able to do more than one Inspire Mentor placement, for example one in a primary school and one in a high school, in order to gain a broader experience this is an option open to all students. You can discuss/negotiate doing multiple placements and which placements suit you best (ie interest, location) with one of the Inspire Program staff members.

How long do I mentor for?

Inspire Mentors are required to mentor for at least 2hrs a week for one full semester in order to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement.

What are the locations of the mentor placements?

Mentor placements are available in primary schools, high schools and other community/youth organisations at different locations, including but not limited to:

  • inner south (eg Christies Beach, Seaford, Aldinga);
  • greater south (eg Mt Compass);
  • Adelaide Hills;
  • Mallee-Murray (eg Murray Bridge, Mannum); and
  • suburbs surrounding Flinders main campus (eg Marion, Seaview, Plympton, Mitchell Park).

Opportunities are continually reviewed so please speak to the Inspire Program staff for the most up-to-date range of locations and placements available.

Can I choose which school/organisation I mentor at?

The Inspire Mentor Program works with an extensive list of schools, community and youth organisations across a number of locations. If you have a particular school/organisation you wish to mentor at please speak to one of the Inspire Program staff members.

Can I choose what age group I work with?

Absolutely! The Inspire Mentor Program is a voluntary commitment designed to benefit all-those-involved: (Flinders) mentor, student-mentee, school & community. It is critical that you are comfortable and happy with your placement, so if you have a preference for working with younger aged school children or secondary school students – we will find you a placement that matches this.

Do I gain credits toward my degree for participation in Inspire?

The Inspire Mentor Program is a voluntary program open to all currently enrolled Flinders University students. The program offers students the chance to participate in a practical-based setting in addition to degree-related placements, and therefore the opportunity to go above & beyond what is expected and assessed through your degree. At present, Flinders’ students are unable to gain credit towards their degree for participating in the Inspire program.

Does the mentoring only take place during school hours?

Inspire Mentor placements will always take place in a supervised environment – either on a school campus or a community/youth organisation. The majority of mentoring will take place during school hours (mon-fri, 9am-3pm), however there are limited opportunities that arise that take place out of school hours. Please contact one of the Inspire Program Team to check availability and options.

I am an international student, can I participate in Inspire?

Yes! Inspire has a wide-range of mentoring opportunities to suit most Flinders students. Please speak to one of the Inspire Project Officers for further information and/or to discuss what options are available.

I am a part-time student, can I apply for Inspire?

Yes! ALL currently enrolled Flinders students are eligible to apply.

Do I get paid for mentoring?

Involvement/participation in the Inspire Mentor Program is voluntary. At times, opportunities become available for paid mentoring which are advertised through Flinders’ GradJobs. However, for the most part, there is no payment for participation in the program.