What is Mentoring?

Peer mentoring in this sense offers school students a young adult who can provide an unbiased ear, scholastic support and a positive role model through building positive, nurturing and trusting relationships. 

What is the Inspire Mentor Program?

  • Inspire is a mentor program for young people and children who are disinclined or at risk of disengaging from their education
  • Inspire aims to increase school retention rates in Adelaide's southern region and develop a stronger culture of learning
  • Inspire Mentors are volunteers from any Flinders degree
  • Inspire is a child-safe program

What is the role of an Inspire Mentor?

  • to listen to the young person
  • to be youth-focused
  • to be interested in the young persons' interests
  • to walk alongside the young person as a co-learner

What support do mentors receive?

  • The Inspire project coordinator provides ongoing support
  • A teacher or youth worker will supervise you on site when you meet with the young people or children you are matched with
  • The network of active Inspire mentors through an email list

5 good reasons why our current mentors think you should be an Inspire Mentor:

  • For just 2 hours per week you can be the support a young person or child needs to believe in themselves as learners and have FUN at the same time!
  • This is your chance to give something back to the community in a well-designed and supported volunteer program
  • You will gain experience and grow in ways that you will not have anticipated
  • You will increase your own self-confidence, communication and negotiation skills and feel good about what you can offer another person
  • Employers look for extra-curricular activities on your resume that demonstrate graduate skills such as commitment, community leadership and social responsibility


"I was a mentor at Forbes Primary School last year - a fabulous experience I think should be compulsory for Education students! I went more than the recommended 1 hour per week as I enjoy the classroom environment, joined in with excursions as well as PD days. I have also made very good professional contacts from this experience who have helped me with relief teaching this year." Jen, Bachelor of Education student and Inspire Mentor. 




Application Details

For further details please visit our FAQs section, alternatively contact the Inspire Team at

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