Interview Ready - Top Tips


  • Research the company so you have a good understanding of the organisation and company culture and are able to answer any company specific questions. Consider your answer to: 'Why do you want to work for this organisation?'
  • Read the job advertisement/supporting documents again and think about some of the questions you may be asked.
  • Identify the skills the employer requires and prepare examples of how you have demonstrated these.
  • Have question(s) ready to ask the employer that shows your interest in the position/organisation. You can write your questions down and bring them to the interview with you.


  • Access Big Interview to practise with virtual mock interviews plus a database of thousands of sample questions to get you interview ready.

Present Professionally

  • Get a good night’s sleep before your interview so you are fresh and can concentrate.
  • Wear clothing appropriate to the organisation you are applying to - a clean, professional looking outfit.  
  • Present a neat personal image – wear deodorant, have clean nails, limit jewellery (avoid dangling earrings)- overall appear groomed and thoughtful about your appearance.
  • Remain composed while you are waiting for your interview, and consider how you will create a positive impression.
  • Be punctual to your interview – try to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Turn your mobile phone off before you arrive to your interview.