Using social media in your job search

Using social media is an excellent resource for job searching and connecting with people who can assist you with growing your career.

Many employers are checking out social media pages to learn more about candidates and employees. It is important to recognise that you are building your brand through social media and it is available for anyone to see.

Create a professional online image

Do you know what comes up when you search your name online?

Think of your online profile as part of your resume and use it to showcase positive information about you. Having an online presence enables you to connect with people who can advance your job search and assist with your career development.


This is the world’s largest free professional network which connects a vast web of professionals and allows for the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge.

The following videos will help you set up a professional and successful LinkedIn Profile.

  • Managing Your Brand - Find out how to present the image you want employers to see by using the LinkedIn.
  • Setting Up Your Profile - Discover how to set up your professional profile.
  • Making it Work - There is lots of ways you can maximise your professional on line presence via LinkedIn.

More information on setting up and using your profile available at LinkedIn for students.

The Careers Centre runs LinkedIn workshops – keep an eye on the events page. Alternatively you can make an appointment for advice on using LinkedIn for your job search.

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Many organisations have Facebook sites that you can join. You can use Facebook to follow organisations, keep up-to-date with their job advertisements and interact with potential employers.

  • Consider adjusting your privacy settings so potential employers and professional connections are not viewing too much personal information.
  • If you are tagged in photos that you might not want potential employers to see – remove the tag.
  • Remember your potential or current employer could see any of the things you say or do on Facebook.

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Twitter is an efficient and effective way to engage with people and build relationships. You can follow particular organisations and people who are influential in the area you are interested in. You can participate in real time professional conversations through your ‘tweets’, and create connections with like-minded people. Follow and particpate in industry specific hashtags.

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