Writing Applications - Top Tips

  1. Know yourself – What skills/experience/attributes can you offer an employer? Think across all areas of your life – what have you gained from study, work, hobbies?
  2. Know your employer – What are the employer’s requirements? Carefully read job advertisements and position descriptions and further research the organisation to best tailor your application.
  3. Make a match – Customise your CV and supporting documents to demonstrate how your skills/experience/attributes match the employer’s requirements and company culture.
  4. Write quality content – Avoid vague statements and irrelevant task lists. Instead provide evidence of your skills (numbers are good) e.g. “Trained and supervised 10 employees in customer service.”
  5. Present professionally – Use a professional layout without graphics or photographs and ensure there are no grammar or spelling errors.
  6. Review and refine – Use the Careers Centre services to get feedback on a draft CV and further refine your document.
  7. Proof read – Is your document flawless? Print off your document and ask someone to proof read it as they may pick up mistakes you’ve missed.