The Careers and Employer Liaison Centre provides services, programs and events to assist all students prepare for and transition into employment. If you have difficulty accessing any of our services or events please let us know - call 8201 2832 or email us.

The following links provide careers information and resources specific to students and graduates with disability.

Careers for Graduates with Disability

Graduate Careers Australia has published a comprehensive booklet on 'Careers for Graduates with Disability'. This booklet can be collected from our office or downloaded from Graduate Careers Australia .

Careers for Graduates with Disability addresses issues related to:

  • Disclosing disability
  • Negotiating work place adjustments and flexible work practices with an employer
  • Anti-discrimination legislation covering disability employment
  • Self Assessment, Job Search, Work Experience and Volunteering
  • Managing Your Disability in the Workplace 
  • Where to Find Help

Numerous Graduate Profiles in the booklet illustrate personal stories.


The following resources provide comprehensive information on the options and pathways for disclosing your disability.

Making connections

Expand your network and connect with employers and professionals while you're still studying. The connections you make could help you secure a job.

  • Get work experience
    • Stepping Into...Program - A paid internship program designed specifically for university students with disability
    • WorkReady – A voluntary work experience program available to all enrolled students at Flinders University
  • Connect with a professional mentor
  • Join a professional association

Further resources

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity