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Careers for Graduates with Disability

Graduate Careers Australia has published a comprehensive booklet on 'Careers for Graduates with Disability'. This booklet can be collected from our office or downloaded from Graduate Careers Australia .

The accompanying booklet, 'Careers for Graduates with Disability – More Information' can also be downloaded from Graduate Careers Australia , and provides further details of useful resources and websites.

Careers for Graduates with Disability addresses issues related to:

  • Disclosing disability
  • Negotiating work place adjustments and flexible work practices with an employer
  • Anti-discrimination legislation covering disability employment
  • Self Assessment, Job Search, Work Experience and Volunteering
  • Managing Your Disability in the Workplace 
  • Where to Find Help.

Numerous Graduate Profiles in the booklet illustrate personal stories.


Human Rights and Equal Opportunity



  • Centrelink - Working with an illness, injury or disability
    • Overcoming barriers to study or work - Centrelink provides access a wide range of services to help you study and work if you are ill, injured or disabled.
    • Disability services that help you look for work - services to help you look for work specifically tailored to those with disabilities.
    • Getting modifications to your workplace - a scheme that enables reimbursement to employment agencies or employers for the costs of necessary workplace modifications when employing people with disabilities.
    • Your job if it is in jeopardy due to your disability - a service to help those whose jobs are in jeopardy to keep their job.
    • Assisting your employers with wages - a number of schemes that can assist employers with the additional costs of employing a person with a disability.
    • Travelling to work - financial assistance for people with disabilities who are employed or are in training or jobseeking and are unable to use public transport without substantial assistance.
  • Australian Network on Disability (AND) - Stepping Into Internship Program
    Stepping Into is a paid internship program specifically designed for university students with a disability.

Disability Employment Services

  • Australian Network on Disability (AND) - not-for-profit organisation resourced by its members to advance the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business. Stepping into... is a four week paid internship program running during the Winter and Summer semester breaks (interstate)
  • CRS Australia - provider of disability employment and assessment services to people with a disability, injury or health condition.
  • Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)
  • Disability Works Australia (DWA) - The role of DWA is to facilitate the provision of employment for people with disabilities by providing employers with access to a single, free, effective contact point for recruiting people with disabilities. 
  • Disclosure - Thinking About Disclosure, Choosing Your Path Disclosure: It’s a Personal Decision 
  • Education to Employment Package 
  • Finding Workable Solutions – Disability Employment Service provider with access to Career Development Services, Training and Support to gain and maintain meaningful employment in the open market.
  • JobAccess -  provides advice on every stage of the employment process - preparing to look for work, how to look for jobs and, if you need it, support in the workplace once you’ve found a job.