My Flinders Experience

Flinders Arts graduate and founding director of Carpets for Communities (Adelaide/Cambodia)

"When I thought about uni I didn’t have much of an idea of what I  wanted to do, just some vague notions of doing something useful. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Science.

When I arrived at Flinders, I was immersed in a tidal wave of new ideas and information about what’s going on. It just opened a lot of avenues up for me. Being involved in a youth leadership development organisation like AIESEC exposed me to world issues and working out how I could be a part of the solution.

Through AIESEC, I ended up in Thailand working as a national HR director running the recruitment and training for a year. While I was over there, I visited the Cambodian border and saw the poverty facing children and families.

I wanted to do something about helping them get into school, so I ended up doing a project there where their mums would make carpets and we would sell them to a factory or in Australia through markets and retailers. That turned into Carpets for Communities.

Now I had a direction, I returned to Australia and went back to Flinders. I changed to an Arts degree so I could study development. While Arts is a broad degree which is really useful – as you can choose from a wide range topics – if you’re interested in development you can take topics covering international issues, focusing on global issues or regional situations. These subjects all gave me the global perspective you need when looking to take your career to the world."