My Flinders Experience

Flinders business graduate and IT performance analyst at QBE Australia (Sydney)

Kate Fletcher is an IT performance analyst for QBE Australia. Kate found that her business degree at Flinders gave her the perspective on economics that she was looking for.

“Flinders always appear to be a little bit ahead with their programs. They have a good mix of interesting non-traditional topics as well as the traditional kind. They were really the only university that was offering economics courses that focused on global issues when I was looking to study at uni. I was looking for something that was a bit more than just textbook economics… and I found it at Flinders. I’ve always been a big picture thinker so have always been more interested in macroeconomics. From a young age, I’ve had an interest in the wider world and how different countries interact with each other.”

This global perspective, and the mix of the theoretical and the practical taught in the Flinders business degree, prepared Kate for her role at QBE. Her studies gave her the in-depth understanding required when conducting business internationally.

“My business economics degree put me in good stead for my current role at QBE. It taught me a different way of seeing things – a different way of analyzing situations and thinking outside the box. The theoretical and practical methodologies I learnt at Flinders are the basis to how I analyse our IT performance within our Australian operations. Working for a global company, you talk to many people from diverse backgrounds and in different locations which requires you to be able to think things through quite thoroughly and understand different perspectives.”

Kate is looking forward to where her career might take her next.

“The opportunity to work in Sydney was too good to pass up. My next step would be to spread my wings even further with some global experience. New York or London would be nice.”

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Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Position gained: Graduate position for PwC Adelaide, Assurance



Degree: Double Bachelor of Business and International Studies
Position gained: Graduate position in the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) Graduate Program



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Position gained: Graduate Officer (Accounting and Finance), TAFE SA



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Position gained: Undergraduate/Graduate Audit & Assurance role, PricewaterhouseCoopers