My Flinders Experience

Flinders early childhood education graduate and early childhood teacher at St Peters Woodlands Grammar School and St Aloysius College

“I just love being with kids, to pick up their strengths, what’s challenging for them and to help them maximise their potential. I enjoy watching them progress, build their confidence and flourish. It’s great to see their little faces when they’ve done something they couldn’t do before.”

Early childhood education was an easy choice for Romina and she greatly enjoyed the degree.

“I love studying; I like doing the research, I like writing essays, I enjoy going to the library. I found the course very stimulating.” Romina found that the course work helped her to build critical thinking skills, and an understanding of teaching philosophy.

“It’s great to have the theory to help explain teaching methodologies; why you think something is important, or necessary. If a parent asks you why you’re doing this or that, you can draw on theory to underpin your explanation.”

Romina gained great confidence and applied knowledge through the extensive teaching practicums organised by Flinders.

“In theory, certain things sound really good, but in practice they don’t work. The setting and types of children you have under your care play a major role in shaping what happens in the classroom. Teaching practicums are where you determine what does and doesn’t work, and get to observe and learn from teachers who’ve been in the job for a long time. It’s an immensely valuable way to get hands-on experience and see the routines.”

On graduation, Romina was pleased to be offered work by St Peters Woodlands Grammar School, the school where she did her final teaching practicum.

“I realised that my degree was something I did for myself. It’s learning and experience for life, not just for grades or to get a piece of paper.”

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Degree: Bachelor of Education (R-7)/Bachelor of Arts - Major in Biology, Ecology, and Evolution
Position gained: Junior Primary Teacher, Swallowcliffe Primary School



Degree: Bachelor of Education (Middle/High School)
Position gained: Pre-K (4 and 5 years) Lead Teacher, For Children and Families, Brentwood, Tennessee