My Flinders Experience

Flinders government and public management graduate and executive officer/manager at West Coast Homecare (Port Lincoln, South Australia)

“My studies in government and public management got me this job. I was seen as an administrative person – even with years of experience – and I was never seriously considered for a management role. That changed when I received my parchment.

Now I’m an executive officer in charge of 120 contractors and 400 clients for a non-profit organisation with an annual turnover of more than a million dollars. Gaining my current position is definitely due to my experience combined with possessing a degree that is so relevant to my work. Having the degree was a definite advantage when I applied for the position.

There was quite a strong financial component to my study and now I’m running the finances for the organisation, so what I learned at Flinders is very relevant and knowledge that is used every day. It was the right mix of theory and the hands-on. It definitely helps to study government management if you’re working in an organisation that is working with government. It gives you such an insight into what you’re working with.”