My Flinders Experience

Flinders laws and legal practice graduate and partner at Norman Waterhouse Lawyers (Adelaide)

Maria Ho studied laws and legal practice at Flinders and is now a partner with Norman Waterhouse Lawyers, a commercial law firm. Maria found that the laws and legal practice degree helped her develop skills in analytical thinking and communication.

“When studying law at Flinders you learn to think and analyse like a lawyer should. You learn to identify the ISSes and think about things in a logical manner. You learn to communicate and explain the law to clients verbally and in writing. These are essential skills to have in pursuing a career in law. But beyond that, law provides a very good grounding for a range of non-law related careers.”

Studying as a mature age student, Maria was grateful for the support offered at Flinders, which helped her to meet the challenges of the degree and to excel.

“I am currently a partner in a commercial law firm. The skills I acquired in law school have certainly helped me in building my career. The idea of attending law school as a mature age student raising a young child on my own intimidated me at first, but I soon settled down as I found the Flinders Law School to be most supportive and affirming.

They really understand student needs and give you all the help you need. You feel like you can approach people and seek the right help. I ended up doing quite well academically and that was thanks in no small part to the assistance I got from the staff there.”

Maria says her law degree has prepared her well for her job as a lawyer, and provided her with the tools necessary for continued learning.

“Whether or not you end up practising law, it is a good degree to have because it trains you to think strategically and to get to the heart of the problem. In the law, it is a lifelong learning process but I feel I started well at Flinders.”

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Degree: Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (First Class Hons) and Bachelor of International Studies (International Relations)
Position gained: International Humanitarian Law Officer (ACT) and Emblem Protection Officer, Australian Red Cross