My Flinders Experience

Flinders medicine graduate and clinical fellow in paediatric ophthalmology at the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Canada)

Caroline is a clinical fellow in paediatric ophthalmology. She provides specialist diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that disrupt visual development in children.

“Flinders University expanded my world. My four years studying medicine trained me really well for working as a doctor, in terms of clinical technique and knowledge, and also in skillful interpersonal communication with patients and colleagues. The themes of tolerance, compassion and advocacy were constant and I think this is a particular strength of the Flinders University course.”

Caroline came into the Bachelor of Medicine as a postgraduate, her first degree a Bachelor of Medical Science (with honours in immunology).

“I observed that people in medicine enjoyed their work – they were engaged with the community and were intellectually stimulated by it. I understood it took a mixture of intellectual and physical skill, and I knew that as a doctor I could use my small sphere of influence to ‘do good’ for my patients.”

Studying at Flinders opened Caroline’s eyes to Indigenous health and really changed her world view. “I feel really fortunate to have spent several months of my final year at various health facilities in the Northern Territory. These experiences had a significant impact on me, and on the way I practise medicine.”

Caroline really appreciated the smaller classes at Flinders and the philosophy of support.

“My teachers and fellow students were a diverse and dynamic group of people who enriched my life socially and intellectually. The size of the school made it possible to engage with every person in the year.“

“My training at Flinders prepared me well for my work as a junior doctor and for specialist and sub-specialist training in paediatric ophthalmology. The experiences given to me enriched the fabric of my life and so Flinders University remains very special to me.”