My Flinders Experience

Flinders psychology graduate and behavioural scientist at CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences (Adelaide)

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after school but psychology appealed to me because of the breadth of topics offered. The most interesting aspect of psychology is that there are many sub-disciplines – developmental, cognitive, social, personality and health psychology to name a few. I was surprised at the range of real-world applications from improving eyewitness testimony to managing crowd behavior at sporting events. I didn’t expect that I would be completely fascinated by so many different subjects.

I enjoyed the range of topics offered in psychology and the challenge of completing honours. I did feel out of my depth when I was developing my research project but it challenged me in a good way. It set me up for both my career and life in general by teaching me a certain way of thinking – an ability to ask questions and test ideas in a systematic way.

I’m now at the CSIRO, where I started as a research assistant before completing a PhD. The best way to describe my research is to say that I investigate how people make decisions about their food intake and identify strategies to help people make healthier choices. It is very exciting to be part of the vibrant research community at CSIRO.

Looking back, there’s no way I could have foreseen where I would be now in my career.”

 Where are they now?

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Degree: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology, Criminology), Honours (Criminology)
Position gained: Senior Research/Evaluation Officer, Office of Crime Statistics and Research (Attorney General's Department)



Degree: Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)
Position gained: Graduate Development Program, Department of Lands and Planning in the Northern Territory



Degree: Bachelor of Social Work (Graduate Entry)
Position gained: Social Worker, Domiciliary Care