Part time and casual work provides an excellent opportunity for you to earn an income whilst gaining invaluable experience, particularly when it is in your desired industry.

International students

Before seeking work opportunties (paid and unpaid) while studying make sure you are familiar with the conditions of your student visa and restrictions to the hours you can work. Visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further information.

Where and how can I look for part time work?

  • Log into CareerHub for up to date postings of relevant job vacancies.
  • Use job search websites
  • View vacancies for casual/part-time work that is not degree related on the Flinders University Student Association’s (FUSA) website

Volunteer work / Work experience

Although it is not possible to earn an income from volunteer work, it does provide an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience as well as adding an edge to your resume.

As an enrolled student of Flinders University it is possible to gain work experience through our WorkReady program.  We offer an extensive range of work experience and volunteering opportunities.


Your resume is your marketing document. It is important to present a professional looking resume to an employer to make a positive impression and increase your employment prospects. We have resources to help you develop a resume or you can speak with a Career Consultant for advice to support you create a resume to get you noticed.