'Everyone Belongs'

Harmony Day is celebrated throughout Australia on 21 March. It's a day to remember and embrace our diversity, recognise and respect our cultural differences and celebrate cultural diversity in Australia.

Visit the Harmony Day website for more information.



A Taste of Harmony 

Celebrate your workplace diversity through food this March

A Taste of Harmony  is Australia's biggest celebration of cultural diversity in the workplace. The concept is simple. Register your team or workplace, set a lunch date and ask colleagues to bring a dish from their cultural background or food from a country they would like to try. The result is a multicultural feast where workers have the opportunity to learn something new about the different cultural backgrounds that exist in their workplace and enjoy a delicious meal.

The focus is not only on the foods, but also on the stories that accompany them. So bring your baklava, swap stories over some spag bol and tuck into a tasty multicultural lunch!

To get involved, simply register your workplace for free by clicking on the icon below. 





 A Taste of Harmony is an initiative of the Scanlon Foundation, supported by the Australian Multicultural Foundation and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

What you can do

There are a number of ways your department can take part in celebrating Harmony Day. You can register with A Taste of Harmony and host a culturally inclusive lunch at your workplace. For more information on the types of events you can hold, to see what other organisations are doing and to register for free promotional material, visit the website for Harmony Day.

Types of events you can hold include but are not limited to:

  • host a morning tea with discussions around cultural diversity of the participants
  • host a multi-cultural lunch where every staff member brings in food either from their own cultural background or from a different country. You can use the  Cook Book (PDF 172KB)  developed through the Assemblage & Healthy Eating around the World CDIP Project
  • organise a cultural dance or demonstration
  • decorate your workplace in orange to celebrate cultural diversity
  • organise/host cultural awareness discussions using the CDIP Toolkit and exercises
  • play games from different cultures over afternoon tea.

Once you organise your event, you can register and promote it on the A Taste of Harmony website to receive promotional materials.

Help us celebrate our people and their culture, and promote a culturally inclusive workplace environment.

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