Harmony Week 2011

Harmony Week 2011 was a big hit at Flinders. A number of events were held during the week, celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion. Scroll down for a summary of events held throughout the week and their outcomes.

Below are some photographs and comments from the participants and organisers about their events. Everyone enjoyed themselves thouroghly, and most people cannot wait to embrace Harmony Week again next year (though some are not waiting that long and will be organising regular events like these!)


Below is a summary of the events held throughout the week and their outcomes.

Date of event               
Department holding the event                             
Event details                                                                                  

 21 March 2011  

Professional Development Unit

The Professional Development Unit held a lunch where every staff member brought in food from a different country. During lunch we discussed cultural diversity at Flinders, using the 'Designing Culturally Inclusive Environments' and 'Hindu Identities' sheets from CDIP Toolkit to generate discussions. We played Hindu music in the background and explored the religion in some detail.

 21 March 2011Science and Engineering

The Faculty Office, Science and Engineering held a Harmony Day lunch and Quiz Show. Staff were encouraged to bring along Mediterranean and Asia-Pacific food and desserts and participate in the event. A diverse range of foods was shared, such as Bruschettas and Dumplings, and everyone participated in the Quiz focusing on cultural, historic and sporting events. The event was a hit.

 21 March 2011Queer Collective

The Flinders University Queer Collective organised a bbq on the plaza on Harmony Day to help support and promote harmony and raise awareness. Although it was a rainy day, the bbq was a success.

 22 March 2011School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics

The school hosted a culturally inclusive lunch where all staff members and postgraduate students were invited to bring in food from different cultures to share.

 23 March 2011Oasis

Oasis offered the university an opportunity to celebrate the values of selflessness, compassion, courage and generosity shown by people in the face of recent floods, cyclones, fires, earthquakes and political uprising - to celebrate these values of harmony in action.

'We Are One, But We Are Many' was an interactive installation at Oasis, created in response to the recent world crises to allow expressions of solidarity by the Flinders community. The Vice-Chancellor and the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Hon Grace Portolesi both presented speeches, before everyone was given a chance to help 'rebuild the world' by building a wall out of boxes with pictures of disasters and messages of hope. A minute of silence was then shared as pictures of the recent natural disasters were displayed on the projector screen. This was followed by a shared lunch (soup and bread, tea and coffee provided), as well as music by the Flinders University Choral Society (refer to photos below).

 24 March 2011School of Education

The post graduate students in the School of Education celebrated Harmony Week with a shared lunch whereby everyone involved brought a plate of food from their culture to share. The lunch was a great success, with approximately 30 students from the School of Education attending. 

The lunch was opened with an acknowledgment to the Kuarna poeple, followed by introductions of each plate that was brought to be shared - what it is and it's cultural significance. Food from Jordan, Swaziland, Indonesia, Serbia, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Australia was shared. The day was a big success, so good in fact, that the organisers are considering making it an occasion every term!