You may wish to develop a folio to be added to the Toolkit on an issue that is particular to your area. This may be a new General Information Folio or specific area, whichever is the most relevant. Acknowledgement of the intellectual content will be made. Production of any new folio (preparation, editing, desktop publishing, printing) will be supported by the Professional Development Unit.

The folios that have been included in the CDIP Toolkit have been written to a basic format so that the reader is not overwhelmed with too much information but is provided with links to further resources.

Our writers have all commented on the challenge being ‘what to leave out’ and this guideline is provided to encourage new writers to contribute their ideas to the Toolkit.

The general format is:

  • General Information – relate to all core activity areas, eg Indigenous terminology, culture shock.
  • Specific Areas – relate to specific activity areas, eg culturally inclusive social events, supervising research higher degree students.

First page

Discussion about the benefits of being culturally inclusive in the particular core activity area, some general information / reflection questions that will enable the reader to immediately gain some understanding of the impact of not being culturally inclusive, some policy / research / good practice to demonstrate the impact.

Second and third pages

Simple strategies around the three major contributing factors to effective inclusive practice – communication, environment, expectations - and references to further resources. In this way the reader can gain immediate ideas for enhancing their practice in the core activity area but also be able to research further for more advanced strategies.

Last page

Self-reflection tools, good practice examples, further assistance available within the University, reading / reference list.

Further information and support 

Members of the CDIP Project Team are available to guide you through the development process.

For further information contact: or the

Professional Development Unit on (08) 8201 7711