FLO Upgrade

Why are we changing FLO? Find out more information about the upgrade.


  Information for staff

  Information for students

  Pilot - semester 2, 2011

  Information for staff at remote sites


Key project dates

14th June 2011
New FLO available to Pilot staff
July - August

Overview sessions for staff (more dates available)

Powerpoint slides available (PDF 75KB)

Recording of the session

18th July 2011
New FLO available to Pilot students
25th July 2011
Pilot starts - semester 2, 2011
August 2011

Online materials available to staff

September 2011New FLO available to all staff
September 2011
Training for new FLO begins (Bedford Park and remote sites)
1 November 2011
2012 topics available to staff, migration commences
December 2011
New FLO available to students
February 2012
Training for students


More information

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions, email flo.upgrade@flinders.edu.au or contact your local Faculty support teams.

Project updates

Aug 2011
Online support materials are available for staff . Please note these are a work in progress - more will be added throughout the year.
Jul 2011
For those who couldn't attend the Overview of the New FLO sessions held in the mid-year break, more times have been scheduled.
Apr 2011
Find out more about the upgrade , including reasons for the change and benefits of the new system.
Nov 2010
Based on an 18-month evaluation process, the decision was made to implement Moodle as the software underpinning FLO for the start of 2012. Read more about the evaluation process and the recommendation.
Sept 2010
Staff and students provided feedback on the potential software candidates. Thank you to all who provided feedback.
May 2010
Based on staff and student input, a list of requirements for the upgraded version of FLO was developed. Find out more about the requirements


Access the new FLO

Staff can view 2012 topics in the new FLO. Students will gain access to topics one week before the start of teaching.


2011 topics will continue to be accessed through the old FLO until August 2012.

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