Flinders Learning Online (FLO login)

CILT provides, administers and supports the Flinders Learning Online application, the University’s core learning and teaching application.

The service includes:

  • providing a secure and reliable FLO system
  • providing FLO Live - a virtual classroom system which allows voice, text and video communication over the internet
  • performing upgrades as necessary to fix bugs and to improve functionality
  • providing training to staff on how to use FLO and FLO Live
  • supporting the Faculty/School FLO support teams
  • supporting the FLO Student Help Desk
  • maintaining the integration between FLO and other systems (such as Student Two and the Lecture Recording system)
  • providing and administering a text matching tool (Turnitin)

FLO is provided 24/7. Occasional periods of unavailability are required to perform upgrades; these are negotiated with support staff and advertised to users.

FLO - All staff and students at Flinders University are able to use FLO.
FLO Live - All staff are able to initiate FLO Live sessions, and invite students and members of the public to attend.
Text matching - If staff would like to make text matching available to their students they must first attend a workshop.

Related costs
There is no charge for this service.

Request service
FLO - All Flinders persons with a FAN can log into FLO. Each topic has a FLO site automatically created. Staff may request other sites (eg for courses, collaborative projects, committees) by emailing
FLO Live - For research and collaboration meetings, all staff can login to FLO Live with their FAN and password. Staff may request a FLO Live link to be added to their topic within FLO by emailing
Text matching - register for a workshop

Staff: contact local FLO support teams or the FLO Live support team (8201 7777)
Students: contact the FLO Student Help Desk

Use of text matching – see Academic Integrity website
Quality use of FLO – see eLearning Design service
for advice on how to embed FLO Live into your teaching, contact the eLearning Design service
Training for staff - see Educational ICT workshops